nursing program outcomes

Program Outcomes Defined

The faculty of the Wehrheim School of Nursing have created program outcomes that help to guide our programs and serve as a measure of our success.

Program Outcomes

Graduation Rates -- overall, our goal is that 75% of our students at each program level will complete their academic program within a specified time frame (BSN 3 years, MSN 4.5 years, DNP 3 years).  

Certificate Rates -- this outcome is only for our FNP students and our goal is that at least 80% of students will pass the national certification exam on their first attempt

Employment Rates -- our goals is that at least 75% of our graduates will be employed in a role related to their academic preparation within 12 months of graduation

Professional Growth -- we have an overall program goal that our graduates are prepared to function at their highest level of practice with a focus on advancing the profession in order to improve health outcomes for individuals, families, and populations


Program Satisfaction

In addition to our program outcomes, we also measure program satisfaction of our alumni, students, faculty, and employers.