Social Work (BASW) Online Admissions

The Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (BASW) online degree-completion program has been designed for students who have already completed their Associate degree in Human Services, Social Services or a related field.

The online Bachelor of Arts in Social Work degree promotes:

  • Research-informed practice
  • Implementation of best practices in supporting individuals, groups, families and communities
  • Advocacy for social justice and human rights

Please note, the online Social Work (BASW) program is typically completed part-time


  • Flexibility – 100% online courses 
  • 60 credit bachelor’s program (with an Associate's in Social Work or Human Services)
  • Service Learning gives students hands-on work experience in social work
  • Field Education is a capstone field-based learning experience
  • Classes start every fall and spring
  • Courses offered year-round


  • Learn about research-informed practice and practice-informed research
  • Understand the effects of policy on practice
  • Meet contemporary social, cultural, economic, political and global challenges
  • Assess challenges and progress
  • Intervene with research-informed practices
  • Monitor and evaluate practice to inform decision-making
  • Embrace core social work values
  • Enhance human and community well-being
  • Promote social and economic justice through generalist social work practice


This program has been developed within the framework of curriculum content outlined by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) Accreditation Standards. 



  • Admissions, Pre-Requisites, and Program Requirements

    To apply for admission, you must meet the following requirements:

    • A completed Associate's degree OR at least 60 transferable college credits
    • A 2.0 or higher overall GPA
    • Completion of the SOWK 102 and SOWK 203 required pre-requisite courses (see pre-requisites below)


    You must also submit the following:

    • A completed online application 
    • An official transcript from ALL previous college or universities attended

    *Early acceptance is also offered for students in their final semester of an Associate's program*

    **Students who have already completed another Bachelor's degree are not eligible for this program (please contact us in such case for information about our MSW program)**


    Completion of the below pre-requisite courses is required before beginning the program:

    • SOWK 102 – Modern Social Welfare Dilemmas (C or higher final grade)
    • SOWK 203 – Human Behavior and the Social Environment (C or higher final grade)

    The following courses are recommended to have completed before beginning the Social Work Online Program, but are not required ahead of time:

    • BIOL 204 – Human Biology
    • PSYC 100 – General Psychology
    • Any one of the following*:
      • GOVT 111 – Intro to American Government
      • GOVT 112 – State & Local Government
    • Any one of the following:
      • SOCY 101 – Intro to Sociology
      • SOCY 210 – Sociology of the Family
      • SOCY 211 – Social Problems

    *At this time, there are no government courses offered online at Millersville.  This requirement is recommended to be completed at another school and transferred into the program.  All other required courses will be available online.


    The Social Work online program is a 120-credit degree-completion program (including transferred credits). 

    Required Major Courses (60 credits):

    • SOWK 201- Social Welfare Policy & Economics (3 credits)
    • SOWK 301- Social Work Practice I (3 credits)
    • SOWK 302 - Social Work Practice II (3 credits)
    • SOWK 303 - Social Welfare & the Law (3 credits)
    • SOWK 322 - Information Literacy for Social Work Research and Practice (3 credits)
    • SOWK 323 - Human Behavior in the Social Environment II (3 credits)
    • SOWK 350 - Encounters in Human Diversity (3 credits)
    • SOWK 401 - Field Instruction I (6 credits)
    • SOWK 402 - Field Instruction II (6 credits)
    • SOWK 403 - Social Work Practice III (3 credits)
    • SOWK 430 - Social Work Research (3 credits)
    • SOWK 431 - Social Work Statistics (3 credits)
    • ENGL 312 or ENGL 316 - Advanced Writing (3 credits)
    • Additional SOWK Electives, Open Electives and General Education Courses (15 credits)

    *Additional general education or elective courses may be required depending on transfer credits.  Prior credits earned will be evaluated toward the 120-credit requirement for a bachelor degree.

    *After applying, a transfer evaluation will be conducted to identify how many general education credits you will need to take to fulfill degree requirements.


  • Social Work Online Application And Acceptance Process



    • To apply for admission to the Social Work Online Program, please complete our quick and easy application!


    • Electronic Transcripts-
      • Send electronic official transcripts directly from the school to our office at
      • Electronic transcripts are typically the fastest way to submit transcripts.
    • Mailed Transcripts-
      • Have mailed official transcripts sent directly to our office:
        • Office of Online Programs
          Millersville University
          Lyle Hall, Room 208
          P.O. Box 1002
          Millersville, PA 17551

    **Transcripts must be sealed, official copies sent directly from the university or college to our office.  Any opened transcripts (electronic or mailed) are considered unofficial copies**

    Millersville University’s Online Programs offer rolling admissions and applications are reviewed for acceptance as they become complete.


    Once all application documents are received, an official admissions decision will be made and a transfer credit evaluation will be completed. If accepted into the program, a packet will be mailed with further admissions information.

    To confirm acceptance and secure a spot in the program, the admissions response form and a $150 acceptance deposit must be submitted either electronically or by mail.

    Confirm Electronically:

    Confirm By Mail:

    • Deposit checks and money orders must be made out to "Millersville University" and mailed to our office address:
      • Office of Online Programs
        Millersville University
        Lyle Hall, Room 208
        O. Box 1002
        Millersville, PA 17551
  • Social Work Online Cohort Start Dates

    The online Social Work program does have cohorts beginning every August (fall), January (spring), and May (summer).


    Visit the FAQ's page for the online Social Work program for more information on our frequently asked questions!

    Please also visit our Online Student Support Resources page for more information and additional resources available to online students!

  • Online Application and Admissions Support

    Our Online Programs Admissions Counselor will work with students from the point of interest until confirming their acceptance to help answer questions, provide transcript updates, complete transcript evaluations, announce admission decisions and assist with confirming enrollment.

    Our Online Programs Student Support Specialists will then continue to assist online students throughout the entirety of the program to assist with any and all non-advisement questions.

    Contact our office at (717)871-7200 or for any assistance!

  • MSW and MSW/MSEM Programs

    If you have completed your BSW (Bachelor's in Social Work) or another Bachelor's degree and are interested in pursuing a Master of Social Work or MSW/MSEM dual degree, you can find more information on

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