Post-Baccalaureate Certification, Technology Education K-12

Post-baccalaureate Certification Requirement, Graduate/Undergraduate Levels

Certificate: Pennsylvania Teachers Certificate, K-12

The Department of Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology offers a certification program for individuals seeking to become technology education teachers, but do not need to complete a second four-year degree. People with existing undergraduate degrees may elect to seek certification on either a graduate or undergraduate level. Please see the descriptions below to determine which option is the best for you. Dr. Scott Warner works to help make the transitioning possible. You can email him at

Professional Education Requirements: 33-34 credits

All courses are three credits unless otherwise indicated below:

Undergraduate Track Graduate Track
EDFN 211: Foundations of Modern Education EDFN 590: Social Foundations of Education
EDFN 241: Psychological Foundations of Education EDFN 545: Advanced Educational Psychology
EDTE 291: Foundations of Technology Education EDTE 600: Teaching Technology Across Disciplines
EDTE 391: Curriculum & Instruction in Technology Education (APS Required) EDTE 601: Planning Technology Education Programs (APS Required)
EDTE 496: Innovation & Design Methodologies (2-3 credits) EDTE 698: Research and Development in Technical Areas
EDSE 340: Content Area Literacy for Diverse Classrooms (APS Required) EDSE 340: Content Area Literacy for Diverse Classrooms (APS Required)
SPED 346: Secondary Students with Disabilities in Inclusive Settings (APS Required) SPED 346: Secondary Students with Disabilities in Inclusive Settings (APS Required)
EDSE 471: Differentiating Instruction EDSE 471: Differentiating Instruction
EDTE 461: Student Teaching (9 credits) (APS Required) EDTE 461: Student Teaching (9 credits) (APS Required)
EDTE 491: Seminar in Technology Education (3 credits) (APS Required) EDTE 491: Seminar in Technology Education (3 credits) (APS Required)

Advance Professional Studies (APS) Requirements:

The Pennsylvania Department of Education has established requirements for certification to teach in Pennsylvania. To prepare you to meet these requirements, Millersville University has developed criteria for admission to and retention in APS courses. APS standing is conditional upon meeting and maintaining requirements throughout the degree program. APS status is not permanent; it can be revoked. In order to gain/retain admission to APS courses, students must have:

  • Completed at least 60 credits
  • A 3.0 or higher cumulative GPA (may request appeal if 2.8 or higher)
  • Passed the Praxis I tests (Reading, Writing, and Math) [if process was begun prior to April 2012]. Effective April 2012, you must pass PAPA tests in Reading, Writing, Math instead of Praxis I for admission to APS
  • Passed ENGL 110
  • Passed COMM 100
  • Passed one college-level (3 credits) English literature course
  • Passed at least two college-level Math courses (6 credits)
  • Act 34, 151, and 114 clearances and TB test results on file in the Field Services Office annually.

Required Technology Courses, Graduate/Undergraduate Tracks: 48 credits

Certification: Technology Education K-12
Department/Technical - Required Courses: 48 credits

AENG 110: Communication and Information Systems
AENG 120: Energy, Power, and Transportation Systems
AENG 130: Production Materials and Processes
AENG 140: Bio-Related Technologies
AENG 241: Drafting Communications
AENG 251: Print Media Systems
AENG 261: Electronic Systems
AENG 262: Semiconductor Electronics
AENG 271: Processing Nonmetallic Materials
AENG 281: Processing Metallic Materials
AENG 325: Power Conversion and Control
AENG 344: Product Design
AENG 346: Architectural Drawing and Design
AENG 435: Manufacturing Enterprise
AENG XXX: Technology lab elective
AENG XXX: Technology lab elective

Required Related Courses, Graduate/Undergraduate Tracks: 9-10 credits

Certification: Technology Education K-12
  Required Related Courses: 9-10 credits

ENGL XXX: English Composition Course
MATH XXX: Mathematics Class
Science Class: Choose from BIOL 100, CHEM 103, CHEM 205, PHYS 103, or PHYS 104
*Work with your advisor to select the best courses to fit your program.
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  • AEST Graduates Are...

    With an AEST degree, you could have an exciting career as a...

    • Project Engineer
    • Control System Specialist
    • Industrial Trainer
    • Product Designer
    • CADD Draftsman/Estimator
    • Senior Quality Analyst
    • Product Design Engineer
    • CNC Programmer
    • Validation Specialist
    • Graphic Layout Designer
    • Account Representative
    • Industrial Control Designer
    • Estimator
    • Graphic Services Coordinator
    • Solid Modeling Specialist
    • Safety Inspector
    • Pre-press Engineer
    • Fire Safety Coordinator
    • College Professor
    • Corporate Safety Officer
    • Innovations Manager
    • Process Flow Engineer
    • Design Engineer
    • Manufacturing Engineer
    • Industrial Hygienist
    • Engineering Technician
    • Project Engineer
    • STEM Educator
    • Systems Integration Specialist
    • Safety Inspector
    • Quality Manufacturing Supervisor
    • Project Coordinator
    • Assembly Engineer
    • Laboratory Technology
    • Contract Manager
    • Prototype Designer
    • CNC Process Supervisor
    • Scheduler
    • Sales Engineer
    • Technology & Engineering Teacher
    • Quality Assurance Manager
    • Testing Supervisor
    • Systems Safety Engineer
    • Supply Chain Manager
    • Technical Sales Representative
    • Control Technologist