Theresa Russell-Loretz, Ph.D.

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Theresa Russell-Loretz, Ph.D.

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Phone: 717-871-7281

Dr. Theresa Rusell-Loretz has been teaching communication/public relations courses for over 20 years. She first began teaching public relations, mass media and communication courses at Bloomsburg University.  She then left to pursue her Ph.D. at Purdue University, where she taught public relations, public speaking and journalism courses. Dr. Russell-Loretz's interest in the Crisis and Risk Communication areas was sparked during her doctoral program at Purdue University. Her program of study was in Public Affairs and Issue Management. She also has some close personal ties with scholars who are recognized experts in the area.  One of her mentors, Dr. Kathy Rowan, supervised her teaching of journalistic writing while at Purdue. Dr. Rowan's interest area was(is) in science communication - and Dr. Russell-Loretz recently worked with her on a national study to determine the communication challenges that Emergency Managers face in promoting Ready Kits.  She has some close personal ties to First Responders and also has family members in a variety of careers related to emergency management.  All of these aspects contribute to her interest and knowledge in emergency management and communications.

Dr. Russell-Loretz teaches:

EMGT 617: Emergency Management Issues in Communication & Mass Media.