Advisory Board


The purpose of the External Advisory Board is to provide guidance for the CDRE and the MSEM program in terms of community outreach, program development, and applied research initiatives.

Board Members

Peter Anders - Chief of Police, Millersville University 

Jono Anzalone - Executive Director of the Climate Initiative

Paul Benyeda - Training Specialist, Emergency Management Institute, Retired

Kirsten Bookmiller- Professor of Government, Policy, and Law, Millersville University

David Boucher - Planner II, Planning Division - Bureau of Planning, Training, and Exercise, Pennsylvania Emergency Management Association

James Delle - Dean, College of Graduate Studies and Adult Learning, Associate Provost for Academic Administration

Duane Hagelgans - Professor of Emergency Management, Millersville University

Marc Harris - Dean of the College of Science and Technology, Millersville University

David Holl - Director of Public Safety, Lower Allen Township

Jeff Jumper - State Meteorologist, Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency

Dave King - President and CEO, Horst Insurance

Scott Mickalonis - Emergency Preparedness Regional Manager, Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania

Gregory Noll - Program Manager, South Central PA Regional Task Force

Timothy Sevison - Assistant Professor of Emergency Management- Millersville University

Andrew R. SlatenDeputy Director International Affairs Division Federal Emergency Management Agency, Retired

Ed Smith - Deputy Superintendent, Emergency Management Institute (EMI), Retired

Tony Subbio - Emergency Management Specialist, Tetra Tech

Nate Wardle - Press Secretary for the Pennsylvania Department of Health

Ashley Morrison Zink - Director of Risk Management and Performance, Office of Performance Through Excellence

Isabella Fiorenza - Graduate Assistant

Anthony Williams - Graduate Assistant