Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) And Associate Emergency Manager (AEM)

Certified Emergency Manager Qualification

The International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) created the certification program for emergency managers to raise and maintain professional standards; it is a program to certify achievements within the profession.  Any emergency management professional or student who meets the requirements is welcome to participate.  (Read more about the Certified Emergency Manager qualification at the IAEM website.)

Current students and graduates of the Millersville MSEM program are eligible to sit for the CEM/AEM exam depending upon prior experience in the emergency management field.  The CEM qualification is recognition of educational and professional attainments, experience and judgment.

Successful completion of the CEM/AEM exam does not guarantee certification; individuals must submit the other required documentation to IAEM in order to achieve certification.  The exam is step number 1 and the supporting documents need to be submitted within one year of exam completion. 

NEXT EXAM DATE: TBA.  If you are interested in taking this exam you must reserve your space at the testing center using the below form.  After you reserve your space you will receive more information on how to register and submit payment through the IAEM website. ONLY 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE.

The exam is $395 for current IAEM members and $595 for non-members.  Please note there will be no additional charges by the University and the costs are set by IAEM.   

What are the requirements for CEM vs the AEM?

The exam is composed of 100 multiple choice questions. Participants will be limited to 2 hours to complete the exam.

For questions please call 717-871-7534 or email cdre@millersville.edu

Preparatory Course

The Center for Disaster Research and Education in collaboration with the International Association of Emergency Managers will be offering a Preparatory (Prep) Course for the Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) and Associate Emergency Management (AEM) exams as well as the CEM and AEM exam on Friday, September 4, 2020 on the campus of Millersville University in Stayer Building, Room 108. The Prep Course will be from 8:00am-1:00pm, and the proctored CEM and AEM exams will take place from 2:00pm-4:00pm. Visit https://www.iaem.org/Events/Event-Info/sessionaltcd/SEPT04PREP by Friday, August 21, 2020 to register.  For more information about the Prep Course, the CEM, and AEM, please see information from the IAEM website below. 


Preparatory Course

The preparatory course includes: Review of CEM program requirements (experience, education, professional contributions and more); explanation of the AEM program requirements; application procedures; tips for successful program completion; an overview of the AEM/CEM exam; the standards upon which the exam is based; sample exam questions; and a Q&A period. Please come prepare to ask specific questions related to the program and/or to your personal credentials submission.

  • Purpose: To relieve exam anxiety, not to teach emergency management principles.
  • How: Discuss the AEM/CEM exam mechanics; facilitate an interactive discussion of emergency management principles; cross-walk through practice exam questions.
  • Who should attend? The AEM/CEM Exam Prep Course is intended for professional emergency managers interested in obtaining the Certified Emergency Manager designation. A Certified Emergency Manager is an individual who possesses the knowledge, skills and abilities to effectively manage a comprehensive disaster/emergency management program. That program can be in, but is not limited to, government, business and industry, military, health care or educational institutions.
  • Cost: $495 per person
  • Note: The Prep Course does not teach emergency management principles.

    What is a Certified Emergency Manager?

    Here are just a few of the reasons why many employers now list the CEM as a job requirement when posting open positions for emergency managers:
  • A Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) has the knowledge, skills and ability to effectively manage a comprehensive emergency management program.
  • A CEM has a working knowledge of all the basic tenets of emergency management, including mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.
  • A CEM has experience and knowledge of interagency and community-wide participation in planning, coordination and management functions designed to improve emergency management capabilities.
  • A CEM can effectively accomplish the goals and objectives of any emergency management program in all environments with little or no additional training orientation.

    What is an Associate Emergency Manager?
  • An AEM shows dedication to the field of Emergency Management for individuals who do not meet the CEM requirements.
  • An AEM has achieved a benchmark for professionalism by meeting the training, references, and essay application requirements as well as passing the certification exam.