Virtual Seminar Series

Connecting Nations, Strengthening Communities Series

The field of emergency management is very dynamic and interdisciplinary with many different partners working together. This series focuses on how these partnerships can work collaboratively across multiple nations around the world. The series will feature guest speakers who will discuss different preparedness and disaster risk reduction methods used in various nations to ensure safety of the public. Webinars are offered on select Fridays throughout the academic year.  Experts from various universities, businesses, and research centers present on their research and current activities.  The presentations are open to all Millersville University students, faculty & staff, emergency managers and the public.

Spring 2023 Virtual Seminar Series

Stay tuned for more news regarding our virtual seminar series!

Recordings can be found below.


To view previous Virtual Seminar Series speakers, click the topic links below.
Our IAEM student organization also has a YouTube page with recordings of their speakers and events, check it out here

Paul Benyeda, Adjunct Professor, Millersville University CDRE
Obtaining Your Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) Certification

Amber Liggett, Communications Analyst, Collabralink Technologies Inc.
Emergency Management: Managing Environmental Hazards

Daniel Berndt, Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator, Texas A&M International University

Becky DePodwin, Meteorologist and Business Preparedness Specialist
Humans first - Why empathy matters when communicating before, during, and after disasters

Caitlin Westerholm, WJAC Johnstown, PA Meteorologist
Emergency Preparedness in Broadcast Meteorology

Ashley Zink, Dickinson College
Emergency Management, Risk Management, and Compliance as a Career Path

Shauna Stoy, Sara Schmidt, and Mike Braswell - Exelon Corporation
Nuclear Energy Preparedness at Exelon Generation

Morgan Fletcher, Health and Medical Planning Coordinator for the Philadelphia OEM
From Meteorology to Emergency Management: Finding Your Niche

Nate Wardle, Press Secretary for the Pennsylvania Department of Health
Emergency Management: The Link Between Careers in TV, Health

Isabelle Granger, Red Cross Legislative Advocacy Coordinator 
Legal Framework for Disaster Risk Management 

Chris Steuer, Millersville University Sustainability Manager
Millersville University's Climate Change Response

Charlie Woodrum, NOAA NWS Pacific Region Warning Coordination Meteorologist
Building a Weather-Ready Nation Through Preparedness Programs

Rebecca Jennings, FEMA Meteorologist
Weather and Emergency Management: When Great Minds Don't Think Alike

Chris Walsh, Emergency Management Coordinator and Former State Meteorologist
Integrating Meteorology and Emergency Management 

Patricia Young, University of Delaware Resource Collection Coordinator
Introduction to the E.L. Quarantelli Resource Collection at the Disaster Research Center (DRC)

Jessica Cerutti, Emergency Management Specialist
Expanding Response Capability through the Collaborative Economy

Mark Ferrari, Director of Professional Services and
Ryan Patrick, Director of Security, Privacy, & Compliance
Mass Casualty Incidents, Combat, and Corporate Compliance

Jeremy Young, Project Manager - Hurricane Sandy Recovery and Disaster Planning
Disaster Planning for Historic Properties: Integrating Hazard Mitigation and Historic Preservation in Pennsylvania

Alysse Stehli, Emergency Management Specialist
Floodplain Management, Flood Insurance Reform, and the Community Rating System

Leslie Williams, Library Acquisition Manager
Colorado Cultural & Historic Resources Task Force: Partnering to Protect Our State’s Heritage

Evan Koepke, Team Rubicon Operations Planning Associate
Volunteers and Veterans in Contemporary American Disaster Relief – A Perspective

Art Faulkner, Alabama State EMA Director
Partnerships between the National Weather Service, Local EMAs, and Local Meteorologists

Dr. Laura Myers, University of Alabama
Integrated Warning Teams and Warning Dissemination

Matthias Miziorko, GIS Specialist Mongomery County MD
Integrating GIS Technology into a Comprehensive Emergency Management Program

Zephi Francis, Student University of Delaware
Children's Tornado Safety Education Acquisition

Dr. Joe Trainor, University of Delaware
Critical Issues in Disaster Science and Management

Ed Smith, FEMA
Field Experience: Validating and Supplementing your Education and Training

Brian Bannon, Booz Allen Hamilton
Emergency Management Opportunities in the Private Sector

Dr. Terri Adams, Howard University
Missing and Out of Action: Role Conflict and Role Abandonment in times of Disaster

David R. Padfield, PA Task Force 1 USAR
Pennsylvania Task Force 1: Response to Hurricane Sandy

Edwin Hurston, U.S. Air Force
Defense Support of Civil Authorities

Alan Gerard, NWS Jackson MS
Weather Support for Emergency Management

Elaine Enarson, Millersville University
Gender and Disaster Resilience: Strategies for Change through Emergency Management

Tim Bonno, Consultant
Business Continuity and Preparedness through Social Media

Scott Mickalonis, Deputy Director for Emergency Management Montgomery County
CEM Certification: Organizing and Submitting your Portfolio

Dr. Jay Parrish, Penn State
Marcellus in Pennsylvania

Anthony Subbio, Delta Development Group
Hazard Mitigation Planning and Project Funding

Joyce Kirk-Moyer, CEO of Jaxon Mattison Consulting LLC
Common Response Issues: Coordination, Communication, and Collaboration

Dr. Kelsey Backels, Millersville University
Critical Incident Stress Management: An Overview

Dr. David A. McEntire, University of North Texas
Planning, Improvisation and Spontaneous Planning

Steve Goldstein, NWS Baltimore/Washington
Building a Weather Ready Nation: The Next Generation National Weather Service

Paul Benyeda, Emergency Management Institute
Introduction to Nuclear Power Generating Stations

Alyssa Pollock, American Red Cross
Emergency Management in South Africa

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