Environmental Hazards And Emergency Management

About the Minor

What is EHEM?

The Environmental Hazards and Emergency Management (EHEM) Minor is an 18-credit multidisciplinary minor offered at Millersville University. Upon completion of this minor, the student will have a foundation on issues related to emergency management and natural hazards including mitigation, planning, and response.

The minor started as a result of the FEMA Higher Education Project, which was initiated in 1995 to encourage institutions of higher education to develop programs that would prepare the next generation of citizens, leaders and emergency personnel to be better educated in disaster and terrorism mitigation, planning and response needs.


How to add the minor

To add the EHEM minor students must fill out the Academic Minor Form. This form must be approved and signed by your academic advisor and the chairperson of the EHEM minor, Dr. Sepi Yalda. 

This form is an online form, visit the link and go to Academic Program Change Request.

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