Who's Who Among MSEM Students


Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges® is one of the most highly regarded and long-standing honors programs in the nation. This exclusive honor is conferred by more than 1,000 schools in all 50 states and the District of Columbia and is symbolized by the presentation of an award certificate. The procedure of nomination highlights the individual and diverse service to community and school. The selected students are those who enhance the positive image of students through their contributions to community and school. Because curricular and extracurricular programs at schools vary greatly, each college is assigned a quota of nominees. This quota is carefully calculated to ensure a well-rounded representation of the student body. All nominations must be endorsed by a college’s faculty or administration. To learn more click HERE

Students who are nearing the end of their studies within a Millersville University program may be eligible for nomination to Who's Who by their academic department. The academic department evaluates a student's participation in leadership, academics, and extracurricular activities, their academic standing, their citizenship and service to the University, and finally, their potential for future achievements.

2016 - 2017

Nicole Castetter

Matthew Chamberlain

Jeremy Geiger

Brian Remmey

Christopher Soelle

Dan Tygh

Nathan Wichman

2015 - 2016

Michael Hertzog

Paul McGonigal

Rosemarie Mesich

Michael Podojil

Sara Schmidt

Jordan Sinwelski

2014 - 2015

Juliet Lindemann

Dennis Merrigan

Lori Miller

James Reagan

Marissa Reisen

Emily Seidel

2013 - 2014

Jessica Cerutti

Alan Gerard

Juliet Lindeman

Scott Merrell

Alysse Stehli

Katie Webster

2012 - 2013

Paul Benyeda

Kimberly Kirschner

Keith Morse

Paul Myhre

Chelsea Troutman

2011 - 2012

James Berninghausin

Aaron Clevenstine

Joyce Kirk

Heather Morgan

Amy Phillips

2010 - 2011

Brian Bannon

Pamela Drake

Nicholas Genovese

Roderic McWilliams

Scott Mickalonis

Ashley Morrison 

Amy Phillips

2009 - 2010

Maureen Donnelley

Sean Parker

Andrew Verderame