Required courses will be offered once a year and elective courses will be offered every other year. Please note that you will need to notify Dr. Yalda ahead of time (one semester before you plan to complete) to discuss your Field Practicum Experience.  The Field Practicum will be offered as a regular course or as independent study depending on the number of students needing to complete the course.

It is highly recommended that you plan the timing of your courses ahead of time and please consult with Dr. Yalda on any questions and concerns about the course offerings or the MSEM program. Your input is always appreciated and highly valued.

Course Structure


The MSEM courses are designed to provide you with flexibility but also guided instruction to ensure your success. All courses in the program are scheduled to meet online utilizing a live classroom environment. This provides an opportunity for discussion, questions, and exchange in addition to the ongoing and asynchronous discussions and work in progress throughout the course.  All faculties will provide you with online access to all course materials and resources and will communicate with you routinely.

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Registrar, Office of Student Accounts, Library and Textbook Information

Registrar’s Office

The registrar handles issues such as transcripts, grades, the academic calendar, schedules, registration, military leave policies, transfer credits, and more. You can access the registrar’s webpage for further information regarding the above issues, as well as contact information and hours of operation for the office.

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Office of Student Accounts

The OSA handles issues such as tuition and fees, payment options and plans, and so on. You can access the Office of Student Accounts webpage for further information regarding the above issues, as well as contact information and hours of operation for the office.

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Students can access journals, scholarly articles, books, and other research materials available through Millersville's library by visiting the library's website. To access these materials, all you need is your Millersville login information.

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Before classes begin, a list of books needed for each course will be posted on the EMGT D2L Forum.  Books for the MSEM courses can be purchased at various bookstores online.

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Professional Organizations

There are several professional organizations within the field of emergency management. Many of these organizations offer great networking opportunities, as well as access to resources that include job and internship boards, training opportunities, conferences, and so on. Many of these organizations offer student membership rates.

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FEMA Independent Study Courses

The Federal Emergency Management Association is dedicated to aiding the professionalism and higher education that the field of emergency management requires to grow. Also included in FEMA's goals are the standardization of response processes and language throughout the many different aspects of emergency management. In response to this, FEMA and the Emergency Management Institute offer free independent study courses in emergency management framework and response via their website.
It is highly recommended that incoming students complete (if they have not already) the following courses upon matriculation in the program:
IS-1 Emergency Manager: An Orientation to the Position
IS-100.a Introduction to Incident Command System

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The field of emergency management can make you feel as though you are constantly speaking in code, as there are numerous acronyms for everything from organizations to response frameworks. Listed below are links to several different glossaries of commonly used EM acronyms.

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