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Greg Zarus, MS

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Greg Zarus manages a government program that evaluates chemical exposures associated with the Department of Defense or industry that produces defense like chemicals. His 20 years experience in the field of emergency response was obtained at the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Environmental Protection Agency, and through partnerships with 18 other federal agencies and 24 state agencies.  He published hundreds of government reports on sites and event responses, including Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, 911, Anthrax, and he received 17 Federal awards for his public health responses.  Some of his published materials can be found here:

He also served 11 years as mayor of a small metropolitan Atlanta city.  His research interests involve developing monitors and models to evaluate the transport of chemicals in the atmosphere.  He earned his BS degree in Meteorology from Millersville, his MS in Atmospheric Science and Geophysics from Texas Tech, and continued his graduate studies at Texas Tech and Rutgers in Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Mr. Zarus teaches:

EMGT 629 Topics: Health and Emergency Management