Online Learning

Online Learning – the shortest distance to knowledge

Every MSEM course is taught by a distinguished Millersville instructor and reflects our tradition of a broad-based and responsive graduate education curriculum. Requirements for successful completion of an online course are similar to other college courses you might have taken. In addition to reading and writing, you may be asked to review works in other media — video, film, audio, photography, etc. – either online or off.

Participating in an online course is intellectually challenging and personally rewarding. Each time you attend class (at your convenience, by Internet connection through your home or office computer) you find a discussion in progress. The instructor provides lectures and offers resources, asks and answers questions, gives assignments, assesses your progress and gives feedback, in class and privately, in the electronic classroom. Fellow students discuss topics by posting comments, questions, and observations. Your responses and contributions become part of the ongoing interaction. Each session is recorded and archived.

The Millersville University’s online “campus” is very much like a traditional university environment. There is a library, a bookstore, and all the administrative offices of the University — admissions, advising, registration, student accounts, financial aid, etc. — are present online. Instructors are available for private consultation by telephone during regular office hours (posted online) as well as by e-mail.

To learn more about online learning at Millersville University, visit our distance learning website. You may also be interested in our Online Student Handbook, which describes the various resources available, including D2L (our online learning environment) and help services.