Dr. Maria V. Schiza

Analytical Chemistry, Associate Professor

Dr. Maria V. Schiza

Contact Information


Office: Caputo 219
Phone: (717) 871-7437

Office Hours

M: 1 - 2 pm
T: 1 - 2 pm
W: 1 - 2 pm
R: 1 - 2 pm
F: 10-11 am
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  • B.S. Chemistry - Roosevelt University, 1995
  • Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry - University of South Carolina, 2001
  • Post-doctoral research - University of South Carolina, 2001-2003

Courses Taught

  • Introductory Chemistry I & II (Chem 111 and 112)
  • Honors Seminar for Introductory Chemistry (Chem 113H)
  • Freshmen Seminar in Chemistry (Chem 188)
  • General, Organic and Biochemistry I & II Labs (Chem 103 and 104)
  • Organic Chemistry I & II Labs (Chem 231, 232 and 235)
  • Quantitative Analysis (Chem 265)
  • Analytical Chemistry (Chem 465)
  • Forensic Chemistry - Special Topics (Chem 486)
  • Senior Seminar (Chem 487 and 488)
  • Independent Study - Research (Chem 498)
  • Chemists Have Solutions – First Year Inquiry/Seminar (Univ 103)

Course Materials

Research Interests

Dr. Schiza's research interests include the development and characterization of new materials, particularly nanomaterials, for potential applications to analyte sensing and photocatalysis of organic contaminants, specifically organochlorides and organophosphides. Dr. Schiza is interested in the synthesis of inorganic nanoparticles using the sol-gel process and the study of their chemical and physical properties using spectroscopic techniques such as Raman, fourier transform infrared (FTIR), fluorescence, and UV-visible spectroscopy. Further investigation of the surface properties of these materials, using techniques such as transmission electron microscopy (TEM), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), atomic force microscopy (AFM), and scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), can also be used in order to examine their structure and morphological properties.

About Dr. Maria V. Schiza

Dr. Maria V. Schiza joined the Department in August 2005. Dr. Schiza did postdoctoral research at the University of South Carolina in the area of thin film fabrication and optical sensing. She also worked for Science and Technology Corporation in the area of bacterial spore detection. Dr. Schiza has published several papers in her area and has presented her work in a variety of national and international scientific meetings.

Professional Affiliations

  • American Chemical Society (ACS)
  • Middle Atlantic Association of Liberal Arts Chemistry Teachers (MAALACT)
  • Pennsylvania Academy of Science (PAS)
  • Southeastern Pennsylvania Section - American Chemical Society (SEPSACS)


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