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The Murley SURF program in chemistry at Millersville University is a rigorous summer research fellowship and requires a faculty mentor sponsor. Summer 2024 applications are due Tuesday, March 19th. Program qualifications to apply are as follows:

  • Students must have a 3.5 GPA (or higher) at the time of application to the Murley SURF program.
  • Students must have 45 earned credits at the time of application to the Murley SURF program.
  • Students must obtain the permission of a faculty mentor to pursue the fellowship through the summer.
  • Students must fill out an application, to be submitted to Dr. Dan Albert

The program involves a significant time and effort commitment on the part of the student, and compensates the student accordingly.

  • Students are committed to 10 weeks of the summer, and are compensated $6,000.
  • Students are registered for 3 credits of research for the summer, to be paid by the fellowship.
  • Students are provided $1,500 for supplies and travel to present their work. 
  • Students must provide a brief biography to be posted to the Murley SURF website
  • Students must coordinate with their faculty advisor on a project for the summer. 
  • Students must submit a formal research report to their mentor at the end of the summer, due 1 week after the completion of the program.  
  • Students must present during the fall speaker seminar series for the department on their research findings. 
  • Students must present their research at the National American Chemical Society Meeting (fall or spring) and at Made in Millersville. 

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