General Information

The Chemistry Department faculty are actively engaged in research projects covering all the subdisciplines of chemistry. It is the Department’s philosophy that participation in research is an integral and essential part of a student’s undergraduate education in chemistry. Under the guidance of a faculty mentor, a student can participate in the process of scientific inquiry and discovery of new knowledge. Undergraduate research (CHEM 489,498,499) incorporates the skills and knowledge learned in previous courses and requires creative and original contributions to the solving of a scientific problem. Participation in a research project develops independence and intellectual maturity.

Student research projects can be pure basic chemical research, development of in-house laboratory experiments or research in chemical education. Students are welcome to work with faculty on their specific projects or topics of the student’s choice within the expertise of the faculty. Undergraduate research can be part of the student’s normal course load during the academic year or full-time during the summer. Interested students of all academic standings, class standings and majors are encouraged to participate in undergraduate research.

Students are encouraged to present the results of their research at Millersville’s Undergraduate Research Symposium (Made in Millersville) or at scientific meetings of the American Chemical Society or other scientific meetings.

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