Why Geography?

Many Americans are often surprised that geography is a discipline taught at the university-level. Yet, in other parts of the world, geography is a thriving and prominent subject at many universities. This seemingly American phenomenon can be explained by the canceling of many university-level geography programs after World War II and the restructuring of public school curricula to fold history, geography, and economics into "social studies." Thus, geography education became associated with the grammar school experiences of memorizing countries, states, capitals, rivers, and other places and map reading skills in the context of the social studies class.

And yet, geography offers so much more than place name memorization and map reading! Despite the misunderstanding about what geography encompasses, many university-level geography programs continue to thrive and grow in the United States, including ours! We can't wait until you discover what we can offer you! If you have not yet read about our academics, please take the time to explore our program.

Top Ten Reasons to Major in Geography at Millersville University

  1. Can't decide which subject to major in because you love them all (or most)?? Well, you don't have to choose just one in geography. Because of the holistic and interdisciplinary nature of geography, you can study the science of climate change to the macroeconomics and politics that drive global climate change negotiation. Geographers study physical science, social science, and the arts. There are few limits to what geographers can study.
  2. In the age of smartphones, your training in geography will prepare you to navigate the world when your cell phone has limited service or when the battery dies. Better yet, you may be the one designing the digital maps or programming the applications on which we have all come to use in our daily lives.
  3. You will be a competent global citizen, engaging in the dialogue about the world's most pressing issues of our time.
  4. You will gain an appreciation and love for the natural and cultural diversity of our world.
  5. Geography graduates are in high demand for their skills. Yes! You can get a job! Better yet...you will most likely have a career that you love.
  6. Small class-size and small student-to-advisor ratio ensures that you will have the opportunity to develop close relationships with peers and faculty in the program.
  7. Faculty work diligently to ensure that you and every student in the program have an opportunity for a research experience or an internship experience.
  8. You will be well-supported to succeed in the program. We offer drop-in, group, and individual tutoring right here in the department. There is no "weeding out" philosophy here. We strive to see every student achieve all that they strive to do.
  9. The Geography Club and Gamma Theta Upsilon offer opportunities for students to perform community service, to attend professional conferences, and to have fun! The Geography Club regularly organize whitewater rafting, hiking, ziplining, and other activities. The Club has supported such organizations as the African Library Project and participated in tree planting and stream cleanup events.
  10. We'll give you some Geography Department swag and hold parties regularly to celebrate all things geography! 

What Kind of Job Might a Geographer Have?

Rarely does a person hold the job title of "geographer." They do exist, but more often you'll find people in nearly every industry with a degree in geography. Perhaps you are interested in transportation planning, environmental conservation, siting the ideal location for the next business franchise, or coordinating refugee resettlements, the list is endless for jobs in which geographers have found success. 

The American Association of Geographers (AAG) offers excellent resources to assist you in exploring what geography may do for you and your aspirations. 

AAG Career Resources

We also invite you to explore the lists of employers below and follow us on Facebook, as we regularly post jobs for which our graduates are qualified to apply. At times, we post advertisements for positions in which a Geography alum is conducting the job search and has a strong desire to hire from their alma mater!