B.A. Geography, Sustainability Studies

The Millersville University Geography Department is pleased to announce a new program option in Sustainability Studies! Sustainability Studies provides students with new knowledge, skills, and ways of thinking needed to promote economic and social well-being while protecting the integrity of earth’s living systems. Sustainability Studies is an interdisciplinary field, engaging sustainable development, environmental studies, public and environmental policy, city and regional planning, economics, social well-being, and global and local understanding. As a bridge discipline, Geography plays a particularly valuable role in teaching sustainability. The discipline maintains within its purview expertise related to the environmental, economic, and global human condition. Spatial tools and skills enhance advanced issue analysis. The program is well-balanced between the integral social, policy, environmental, global, economic, and communication components of sustainability.

Careers for students pursuing this field are diverse and include application of policy, planning, science, and advocacy skills at city, state, federal and international agencies. Non-governmental organizations and private industry are other significant employers. The Geography sustainability studies option may also serve as a foundation for careers in corporate social responsibility/sustainability, education, research, sustainable consultancy, and green building.

New enrollment in the program begins Spring 2020! For more information, please contact Geography Department Chairperson Dr. Jessica Kelly.

“Today’s challenges require sustainable solutions. My Geography degree has helped me develop those solutions by grounding me in the social, economic, and environmental dimensions of the issue and inspiring me to think creatively.”

- Chris Steuer | M.S., ISSP-SA | friend of Millersville University

Sustainability Studies Curriculum

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Complete Sustainability Studies in Four Years

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Minor in Sustainability Studies

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Internships and Theses

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