B.A. Geography, Global Studies

Global Studies in Geography prepares students for an increasingly globalized world by offering a world-class education in diverse cultures, economies, political systems, and environments. Regional specialties include North America, Europe, Africa, and Latin America. Students may also pursue regional study at the state level (Pennsylvania) and the city-level (London). 

Our students go on to dynamic careers in a broad range of fields and professions, not limited to geography. Many students will choose to minor or double major in fields such as government, foreign languages, economics, business, history, or international studies.

Students may increase their competitiveness by gaining proficiency in GIS and urban planning, participating in study abroad and internship experiences, and learning one or more foreign languages. All of which, we encourage of our students wherever possible.

Students will find success in such careers in international organizations, international business, government and foreign service, relief organizations, immigration services, and advocacy.

In all cases, graduates of the B.A. Geography, Global Studies program will have gained the critical thinking, communication skills, and global perspective necessary for an increasingly interconnected world.

“My internship in New Zealand was an experience that I would not trade for anything.”

- Nichole Witte | B.A. Geography, 2018

Global Studies Curriculum

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Global Studies in Four Years

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Minor in Global Geography

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Internships and Theses

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