B.S.Ed. Secondary Education, Geography

Why Should I Concentrate in Geography for My Social Studies Certification?

Geography is as much a natural science as it is a social science. When you are in your future classroom with your Social Studies students, your preparation in Geography will make a difference in their understanding of the deep interconnections between people, place, and time. Geographers study culture, demography, economics, and politics in the context of the physical landscape and environmental conditions of a place. People are constantly shaping the world through their activities, and their activities are, at least in part, shaped by the physical environments in which people live. 

Your future students will benefit from your interdisciplinary training in Social Studies, with an emphasis in Geography. The Department of Geography is an excellent home for your training as a future educator, as we ensure that students have broad training in physical, human, and regional geography, and encourage students to develop skills in geospatial technologies, such as GIS. 

“My internship increased my passion for teaching about the environment we live in. I was able to teach children about our environment, including rocks, insects, cycles of nature, biomes, and many other fun topics. Hearing from the parents about how much fun the kids were having at the nature center was very rewarding and gave me a lot of confidence.”

- Ryan Quitinsky | on his internship at Great Valley Nature Center

Educational Foundations (EDFN) is the education home to secondary B.S.Ed. majors; however, there is a partnership with the Geography Department. 

B.S.Ed. students must follow the instructions on the School of Educations Field Services site: https://www.millersville.edu/fieldservices/ in order to file for clearances, to qualify for APS, and to get up-to-date test information. 

All secondary education majors will have a primary advisor in the Geography Department and a “co-advisor” within the Educational Foundations Department. Dr. Sarah Brooks - Stayer 422 (717-871-4872) serves as the co-advisor from Educational Foundations.

B.S.Ed. Secondary Education, Geography Curriculum

See our curriculum guide for the B.S.Ed. in Secondary Education with a concentration in Geography.

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Educational Foundations

The Department of Geography works closely with the Department of Educational Foundations to ensure that all students are highly trained both as teachers and as geographers. Visit their website for more information on this important partnership.