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New to Geography?

Great! We are so glad you have chosen Geography! If you are ready to declare the major or minor in Geography, complete and print the appropriate form below. Then, plan to see your current advisor to communicate your academic plans and Department Chair, Dr. Jessica Kelly to complete the process.

Advising for Registration

The student-advisor relationship is intended to assist students in:

  1. Understanding the curriculum (major, minor, and general education), university policies (undergraduate catalog), and advisement tools (degree audit, curriculum sheets, and templates).
  2. Academic planning for short-term (course selection and registration) and long-term (theses, study abroad, graduation plan, career).
  3. Evaluation of student academic progress; and assistance or referral for academic success. Awareness and development of academic success skill set.
  4. Development of long term educational, career, or personal life goals.

General Education

     The aim of the general education curriculum at Millersville University is to cultivate the intellect by educating students to reason logically, to think critically, to communicate effectively, and to foster an understanding of the human condition. General education becomes the platform by which students foster an interdisciplinary understanding of the culture, politics, and science of the rapidly changing world. In addition to the requirements of the Geography program, students must meet the requirements of the general education program in order to fulfill the requirements for the degree.

General Education Curriculum Guide

Geography Curriculum

For Major Blue Sheets, Minor Grey Sheets, and 4-Year Plan Templates, please visit the appropriate page:

Students should become familiar with deadlines set forth by the Registrar

Choosing a Minor

All students enrolled in the B.A. Geography program must complete an academic minor from outside the Geography Department.

All Grey Sheets

Geography Major Policies

For information about admission to, retention in, and completion of the major, download this form.


Internships and Theses

It is never too early to start planning for your internship or thesis. Start here...

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Special Study Assignment

Students wishing to register for an independent study, thesis, or individualized instruction should complete this form and consult with their advisor.

Special Study

Exception to Graduation Requirements

Students are responsible for initiating a request for exceptions to graduation requirements. Whether the exception is in the major, minor or general education areas or to University academic policy, you should file an exception request well in...

Study Abroad

Geography students are strongly encouraged to study abroad. Students who study abroad often cite the experience as the highlight of their undergraduate careers. Opportunities for studying abroad exist in nearly every part of the world, and study length varies from one week to one year. Some of our students have completed their internship requirements simultaneously with their study abroad. To find out more information, visit the Office of International Programs & Services in Lyle Hall, first floor.

International Programs and Services

Graduate School

Graduate school is an investment in your future. When you go to graduate school you defer going directly into the job market in order to gain additional skills and education. This additional education opens up a wider range of career options. Just like a bachelor's degree makes you more employable than does a high school degree, and at a higher salary, a masters or doctoral degree increases your future earning power. But graduate school is much more than money: you are joining a fraternity of geographers nationally and worldwide. The people you meet in graduate school, including your advisor, thesis committee members, and fellow graduate students remain important colleagues and contacts for the rest of your life.

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Career Planning

Career planning starts when you start your college career. The courses you choose should, ideally, be focused toward your career goal. Only you can identify that goal, though your advisor can help. A significant number of geography graduates get jobs after graduation directly from of the contacts they made during their co-op/internship. Don't treat the co-op/internship as just another course you must take, it is an important means of meeting people in your field. Careful selection of a co-op/internship could make the difference between having a job offer at graduation, and not having an offer.

Career Services offers resources for resume and letter writing, mock interviews, and networking.  

Career Services

Academic and Personal Support Services

It is not at all uncommon for students to need extra support. We strongly encourage students to seek that support as needed, early and often. Our primary concern is seeing our students succeed. 

The Writing Center allows students to meet one-on-one with a trained peer tutor who will help students with papers at any stage (from pre-writing to final draft) of the writing process.

The Tutoring Center provides students with individualized and group tutoring for Millersville University at no cost to the student. Please request tutoring early in the semester, as it may take several weeks to identify a qualified tutor for the course in which you are requesting tutoring.

Drop-in and group tutoring for GEOG295 and other Geography courses (by request) is available in the Geo-Graphics Lab at designated hours. See the Geo-Graphics Lab schedule for more information.

The Office of Learning Services assists students in need of academic accommodations. It is the responsibility of the student to pursue a Letter of Accommodation and to make a request directly to each professor and each semester in which the student would like to be accommodated.

The Center for Counseling and Human Development serves students in need of individual or group counseling for mental and behavioral health, for interpersonal issues, and related issues. If you are experiencing an emergency, please contact 911.