English Language Institute

ELI Mission Statement

As part of the Office of International Programs & Services (IPS), the English Language Institute at Millersville University equips English Language Learners for a successful transition into U.S. university programs, where they participate fully as confident members of the campus and local community.

To achieve this mission, the ELI will:

  • Prepare English language learners for academic and professional success through progressive levels of instruction in a student-centered environment. 
  • Support English language learners throughout their student journey by providing individualized academic and student services.
  • Engage students in diverse learning opportunities, not only in the classroom, but through civic service, trips, and social activities.


Millersville University offers a world-class education—one where our students can make the most of their potential, both academically, and socially. International students enjoy studying at Millersville University because of the small college feel, personalized attention, and access to many points of interest in the northeastern United States. Located in a small town near historic Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Millersville University has more than 100 undergraduate and more than 29 graduate programs to choose from, all on a very accessible and safe campus within a few hours of New York City, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia. Another benefit of studying at Millersville University is the English Language Institute (ELI) right on campus!

Whether you want to study English for academic, professional or personal reasons, the ELI has a program to suit your individual needs. Through enrollment in the 10- and 16-week, intensive English programs, students receive conditional admission to Millersville University as a whole. Not only that, but during levels 4 and 5, undergraduate ELI students may begin earning credits concurrently. Graduate students may begin earning credits concurrently during level 6. If your time in the U.S. is limited. The ELI also offers a variety of short-term programs. ELI students live in campus residence halls alongside American students and participate in all aspects of university life, including clubs, intramural sports, cultural events, and more!

For more information on why international students choose to improve their English skills at Millersville University, visit International Admissions.


“I have very nice roommate, we celebrated Chinese New Year and we skateboarded. I even had dinner with his parents in Baltimore. I think the people in Lancaster (are) very kind and our campus is very safe. I like (it) here so far.” - Xiaotian Wang, China

“I'm not the same person from my first year in Millersville. I have met with a lot of people that genuinely wanted to see me succeed. Sometimes it's not all about how big the name is. It’s about how big the result would be. There are a lot of opportunities in Millersville; you just have to seize it”. -  Adesola Adebakin, Nigeria

“I really enjoy the studying atmosphere here. There are many people studying in the library every day. If you want to learn something or start a venture, your classmates and your adviser will help you a lot.” - Jiaqi Zheng, China

"Millersville University allowed me to dive into the American college campus bubble. From highly ambitious sports teams, to various clubs and organizations… there is something for everyone. Classes are some of the best I have ever had in my college career, provocative, engaging and simply lit! And then there is Global Ed, who is like my second family… away from home, who are always glad to see you and help overcome any difficulties life puts in the way." - Sarah “Titi” Farukuoye, Austria