Certificate Programs at Tell School of Music

The Tell School of Music recognizes the importance of meeting each student’s individual career needs. While studying in a specific degree area is the heart of every musician’s education, broadening the range of musical skills can often make a difference in developing a successful career.

For this reason, the Tell School of Music has developed several highly acclaimed certificate programs that can be included in our current degree-granting programs.

The Tell School of Music is approved to be the first and only University in the region to offer undergraduate certificates in Kodály, Technology in the Music Classroom, and Modern Band Applications.

Current Certificates

Kodály Certification

Kodály Certificate students will study with our internationally renowned experts in the Kodály concept of Music Education. 

Technology in the Music Classroom Certificate

Music Technology Certificate students will study in our world-class Music Industry facilities with our renowned Industry faculty.

Modern Band Certificate

Modern Band Applications Certificate students study modern applications in a series of classes where students learn the big 5 rock band instruments, modern band pedagogy and curriculum, live audio, songwriting, and composition for modern band settings, and have an opportunity to apply all of it in our commercial band ensembles.

How To Apply

Students must apply to BOTH the University and the Music School. These two applications can be completed simultaneously.  

If assistance is needed, please contact Admissions for the MU Application (admissions@millersville.edu OR 717-871-4625) and the Music School for the School Application (music.admit@millersville.edu OR 717-871-4701)

MIllersville University Application

Music School Application