Certificate in Technology in the Music Classroom

Tell School of Music students are the only undergraduate students in Pennsylvania to have the unique opportunity to integrate a study of technology with music education. Students now have the option of obtaining a new Certificate in Technology in the Music Classroom at the Tell School! 

The certificate is an additional credential to the Music Education students' transcript showing additional, specialized study in technology. Students who elect Technology studies will not only be prepared to help in live sound productions in their schools but also will be prepared to teach 21st-century classes in Recording, Live Audio, Modern Band, or other technology-based classes. 

The Certificate Program consists of 12 credits. Students who elect the certificate will study not only with our world-renowned Music Education faculty but also with our professional Music Industry faculty and work in our world-class Music Industry facilities.  

  • MUSI 280 Technology in the Music Classroom - 3.0 credits
  • MUSI 293 Computer Applications in Music Production II - 3.0 credits        
  • MUSI 294 Live Audio Production I - 3.0 credits
  • MUSI 372 Studio Recording I - 3.0 credits

Level of Proficiency to earn the Technology Certificate:

A grade of B or higher in all courses is required for successful certification.

Students must have a successful interview with the Music Industry and Music Education faculty outlining how the certificate program fits with and enhances the student’s career goals.

For more information on the Certificate in Technology in Music Education at Millersville contact Dr. Joe Cernuto or Dr. Barry Atticks