Degree Programs Overview

Tell School of Music Undergraduate Degree Programs

Music Education

Attain certification in K-12 orchestral, choral, and instrumental methods! Engage in a dynamic and hands-on educational journey that delves into the complexities of music education, allowing you to master the essential techniques for teaching orchestral, choral, and instrumental music across all grade levels. Our certification program is designed to empower educators with the knowledge and skills necessary to foster a rich and engaging musical environment in K-12 settings. Become a proficient and inspiring leader in music education. 

Music Industry - Production, Management, and Live Audio Concentrations

Unleash your potential within our Music Industry degree program, blending both music technology and business into one dynamic major! Immerse yourself as a versatile artist, connect with industry professionals, acquire hands-on skills, and collaborate on real-world projects. Refine your expertise in live audio, production, recording, and business management. Elevate your education, amplify your skills, and confidently enter the world of the music industry. 

Bachelor of Arts in Music (General or Performance Concentration)

Pursue your passion for music! Gain a strong foundation in both American and Western music and dive into music history, literature, and diverse traditions. Prepare for graduate studies or a thriving music career through hands-on experiences in performance, analysis, composition, and improvisation. Promote your passion for performance through our Performance Concentration, providing you with the essential skills to perform at the highest levels of artistry.


Kodaly Certification

Certificate in Music Technology for Music Educators and Performance Majors

Modern Band Certificate 

Dual Degree Options - These degrees can be combined for a dual degree

Dual Degree - Music Education / Bachelor of Arts with a Concentration in Performance

Dual Degree - Music Industry / Bachelor of Arts with a Concentration in Performance

How To Apply

Students must apply to BOTH the University and the Music School. These two applications can be completed simultaneously.  

If assistance is needed, please contact Admissions for the MU Application ( OR 717-871-4625) and the Music School for the School Application ( OR 717-871-4701)

General University Application

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