School Nurse Certification

School Nurse Certification

The Department of Nursing at Millersville University offers a school nurse certification option approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. All course content and time offerings are designed to meet the needs of the student, as well as State standards for certification. The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) has made revisions in the admission and completion criteria for certification programs. As of the Fall 2001 semester, the school nurse certification program is a POST BACCALAUREATE CERTIFICATION PROGRAM. A Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree and current licensure as a Registered Nurse in this state are required for certification of School Nurse Candidates. This program has been approved for meeting the Chapter 49: Accommodations and Adaptations for Diverse Learners in Inclusive Settings and English Language Learners requirements (PDE-2/29/2012).

The following are required for admission in addition to completion of the Graduate Admissions Application packet:

Undergraduate evidence of:

NURS 360: Assessment & Diversity (4 s.h.)
NURS 421: Population-focused Nursing (5 s.h.)
BIOL 256: Nutrition (3 s.h.)
PSYC 227: Development of the Child and Adolescent (3 s.h.)
or PSYC 228: Lifespan Development (3 s.h.)
MATH 130: Elements of Statistics (3 s.h.)
ENGL 110: Composition (3 s.h.)
GPA at graduation 3.0

Admission into Certification Program

Applicants desiring admission to Millersville University should:

  1. Complete the admission graduate application at: and submit with the fee, undergraduate transcripts, and letters of recommendation to the Graduate and Professional Studies, Millersville University, PO Box 1002, Millersville, PA 17551 (717-871-4723).

Upon admission to the School Nurse Certification Program, contact the coordinator (717-871-4274) for advisement to discuss the program and course selection. The nursing department will send a packet of materials, which must be completed and returned to the Department prior to starting the first semester.

They include:

  • Millersville University Department of Nursing Affiliated Student Infectious Disease Summary for School Nurse Certification Students. (Includes most current immunizations for: hepatitis B; diphtheria/tetanus; tuberculosis; varicella, rubella/rubeola; and polio)
  • Biographical Information Sheet
  • Copy of Nursing License
  • Copy of Malpractice Insurance ($1,000,000/$3,000,000 aggregate coverage)
  • Copy of CPR Card
  • Act 34 Child Abuse Clearance
  • Act 151 Criminal History Check
  • Act 114 – FBI Fingerprinting ( PDE option)

Completion of the Certification Requirements

Graduate evidence of:

EDFN 545: Advanced Educational Psychology; Offered spring, summer, and fall with 1 online section/each semester
NURS 560: School Nursing (5 s.h.); 3 credit theory and 2 credit clinical (7.5hr clinical/week (105hr); meets @ MU two days, remainder online (fall only) Clinical arrangements must be in place before June 1st in order to take course August; classroom instruction starts the beginning of August.
SPED 652: Disability Leadership Institute
GPA 3.0: Completion of all certification requirements.

Upon completion of the requirements, an application must be submitted electronically through the Teacher Information Management System (TIMS). Supporting documentation pertaining to certification will be sent by the applicant directly to the state per the instructions in TIMS. A Level I certification will be awarded by the Department of Education. See Act 48 for continuing education requirements web site:

See Pennsylvania Department of Educational Regulations for Level II certification criteria. Website:

Required Course Descriptions

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