Dr. Carrie Lee Smith

Associate Professor of Sociology

Dr. Carrie Lee Smith

Contact Information


Office: McComsey 231
Phone: 717-871-7478


Ph.D. Vanderbilt University, 2004

M.A. Vanderbilt University, 1998

B.A. University of California at Santa Cruz, 1996

Research and Scholarly Interests:

Sociology of Reproduction and Birth; Medical Sociology; Sex and Gender; Work and the Professions; Race and Ethnicity; Sociology of the Family; Animals and Society; Sociological Practice and Public Sociology; Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Selected Publications:

King, Donna and Carrie Lee Smith, eds. 2012. Men Who Hate Women and the Women Who Kick Their Asses: Steig Larsson's Millennium Triology in Feminist Perspective. Nashville, TN: Vanderbilt University Press.

Lively, Kathryn J. and Carrie L. Smith. Forthcoming. “Identity and Illness.” In The Handbook of the Sociology of Health, Illness and Healing: Blueprint for the 21st Century, edited by Bernice Pescosolido, Jack K. Martin, Jane d. MacLeod and Anne Rogers. Springer Press. 

McCammon, Holly J., Soma Chaudhuri, Lyndi Hewitt, Courtney Sanders Muse, Harmony D. Newman, Carrie Lee Smith, and Teresa M. Terrell. 2008. “Becoming Full Citizens: The U.S. Women’s Jury Rights Campaigns, the Pace of Reform, and Strategic Adaptation.” American Journal of Sociology 113(4): 1104-1147.

Brown, Tony N., Koji Ueno, Carrie L. Smith, Noel S. Austin, and Len Bickman. 2007. “Communication Patterns in Medical Encounters for the Treatment of Child Psychosocial Problems: Does Pediatrician-Parent Concordance Matter? Health Communication 21(3): 247-256.

Smith. Carrie L. 2006. "The New Racism and the Changing Beauty Norm." Bad Subjects Issue 76. https://bad.eserver.org/issues/2006/76/raceandbeauty.html

Selected Book Reviews and Encyclopedia Entries:

Smith, Carrie L. 2020. "Family Servuces Advocate Program Evaluation, 2018-2019." Prepared for and presented to Lancaster County Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, Compass Mark, and Ambassadors for Hope.

Granruth, Laura Brierton, Carrie L. Smith, and Mary H. Glazier. 2019. "An Analysis of Financial Exploitation of the Elderly in Lancaster County." Prepared for and presented to the Lancaster County District Attorney's Office.

Smith, Carrie L. and Arnela Ormbasic. 2017. "Evaluating an Offender-Victim Reconciliation Program." Prepared for and presented to Advoz (Meditation and Restorative Practices).

Smith, Carrie L., Tracy Rennecker, Mary H. Glazier, and Alys Mann. 2016. "Southwest Lancaster Resident Survey Analysis." Prepared for and presented to the Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership.

Smith, Carrie Lee, Dana Beth Wile, and Mary H. Glazier. 2015. "Perceptions of the Effectiveness of Video Surveillance in Lancaster, Pennsylvania." Prepared for and presented to the Lancaster Safety Coalition.

Smith, Carrie L. “Gynecology.” 2009. In Encyclopedia of Gender and Society, edited by Jodi O’Brien and Eve Shapiro (editors). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Smith, Carrie Lee. 2008. Review of Surrogate Motherhood and the Politics of Reproduction by Susan Markens. In American Journal of Sociology114(3): 866-868.

Smith, Carrie L. 2005. Review of The Company Doctor: Risk, Responsibility, and Corporate Professionalism by Elaine Draper. In Work and Occupations 31(3): 401-403.

Courses Taught at Millersville:

SOCY 210: Sociology of the Family

SOCY 302: Social Statistics

SOCY 305: Social Research Methods

SOCY 315: Race and Ethnic Relations

SOCY 317: Medical Sociology

SOCY 329: Topics - Sociology of Mental Health 

Selected University and Program Connections:

Chair, Teaching Social Problems Section (2010-2012)

Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP)


Co-Chair, Committee on the Status of Women (2010-2012)

Eastern Sociological Society (ESS)


Secretary, Board of Directors (2009-2012)

Mid-Atlantic Council on Family Relations


Chair, Undergraduate Curriculum & Program Review Committee (2009-2012)

President, Friends of Ganser Library Board (2009-2011)

Faculty Senate

Asian/Asian-American Studies Steering Committee

Passions & Distractions:

Reading anything under the sun; baseball (San Francisco Giants); ice hockey (San Jose Sharks); Tsarist Russia and Royalty history; murder mysteries; cooking and baking; animals; absurdist humor