AETM General Industrial Technology Degree Requirements

AETM General Industrial Technology - 4-year Degree (B.S.) Requirements

The Applied Engineering & Technology Management degree is a four-year program where upon successful completion you will be awarded a bachelor's degree. Your coursework over the four years in the program will be divided into three categories: 1) General Education; 2) Technical Option Classes; and 3) Management.

The following information is provided as a reference, and pertains only to those students admitted for fall 2013 and later. Current students should consult with their advisor to be sure they are following the correct curriculum.

General Education: 48 credits (minimum)

All students seeking a bachelor's degree from Millersville University must successfully complete the general education requirements. The general education requirements are designed to help make you into a well-rounded professional. Please take some time to read about the general education requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog

General Technology Technical Core: 36 credits

The required courses for the General Technology degree are listed below and you can read their descriptions in the Undergraduate Catalog. The AEST information starts on page 85.

Bachelor's Degree
General Industrial Technology - Required Courses: 36 credits

ITEC 110: Communication and Information Systems
ITEC 120: Energy, Power, and Transportation Systems
ITEC 130: Production Materials and Processes
ITEC 241: Drafting Communications
Select one of the following two courses in Graphic Communications:
ITEC 251: Print Media Systems
ITEC 252: Web Publishing and Interactive Media
ITEC 261: Electronic Systems
ITEC 271: Processing Nonmetallic Materials
ITEC 281: Processing Metallic Materials
Select one of the following two Energy, Power, Transporation courses:
ITEC 325: Power Conversion and Control
ITEC 326: Fluid Power
Select three of the following 300-level or above lab courses:
ITEC 325: Power Conversion and Control
ITEC 326: Fluid Power*
ITEC 331: Construction Technology I
ITEC 332: Construction Technology II
ITEC 342: Computer-Aided Engineering Drawing
ITEC 344: Product Design*
ITEC 345: Statics and Strength of Materials
ITEC 346: Architectural Drawing and Design
ITEC 351: Digital Imaging
ITEC 355: Contemporary Printing
ITEC 356: Desktop Publishing*
ITEC 357: Packaging and Specialty Printing
ITEC 364: Digital Electronics
ITEC 375: Polymer and Ceramic Technology
ITEC 376: Wood Technology
ITEC 382: Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machining
ITEC 425: Industrial Robotic Systems*
ITEC 427: Programmable Logic Controllers*
ITEC 435: Manufacturing Enterprise
ITEC 446: Computer-Aided Drafting and Design
ITEC 448: Machine Tool Design
ITEC 455: Research and Development in Graphic Communication*
ITEC 466: Wireless Communication Systems*
ITEC 467: Mobile Robotic Systems*
ITEC 498: Independent Study in Applied Engineering, Safety and Technology*
ITEC 515: Advanced Problems in Communication
ITEC 525: Advanced Problems Transportation/Energy/Power
ITEC 535: Advanced Problems in Production Technology
One of your ITEC 300-level or above lab courses must include a research and development component. Courses that qualify for this requirement are indicated with an "*".

Management Core: 24 credits

Management coursework makes up a large part of your degree requirements. There are five courses that are required for all AETM majors regardless of the option you choose. In addition to the required management core, you will also take three management courses that you and your advisor will agree on for your program of study.

Bachelor's Degree
Management Core - Required Courses: 15 credits

ITEC 492: Industrial Organization
ITEC 494: Total Quality Management
OSEH 120: Safety, Health, and Environmental Issues
BAUD 251: Organization and Management
BAUD 452: Production and Operations Management

Bachelor's Degree
Management Core - Elective Courses: 9 credits

Select three courses from the following list.

ITEC 300: Internship
ITEC 392: Industrial Training
ITEC 400: Internship
OSEH 221: Industrial Fire Prevention, Protection, and Control
OSEH 320: Safety Engineering Principles
OSEH 323: Human Factors in OSEH
OSEH 333: Introduction to Systems Safety
BAUD 161: Introduction to Financial Accounting
BAUD 352: Human Resources Management
BAUD 353: Labor-Management Relations
BAUD 357: International Management
PSYC 329: Industrial/Organizational Psychology
SOCY 318: Sociology of Complex Organizations

Required Related Courses: 19-21 credits

Required related courses round out the departmental requirements for the AETM: Advanced Manufacturing Technology degree.

Mathematics: 10 Credits

MATH 130 is required for all majors; select one other from the list.

MATH 130: Elements of Statistics
MATH 151: Calculus for Management, Life
MATH 160: Precalculus
MATH 161: Calculus I

Science: 6-8 Credits

Select two courses from the following list.

CHEM 101: Chem! Better Things for Better Living
CHEM 103: General, Organic, and Biochemistry I
CHEM 104: General, Organic, and Biochemistry II
CHEM 205: Color & Form
PHYS 103: Elements of Physics
PHYS 104: Applied Physics
PHYS 131: Physics I
PHYS 132: Physics II

Economics: 6 Credits

ECON 101: Macroeconomics
ECON 102: Microeconomics