Technology & Engineering Education Minor for Teacher Preparation Students

tece-minor1.jpgThe minor in Technology & Engineering Education is designed for students majoring in other educator preparation programs to provide them with a technical and pedagogical background in Technology & Engineering Education and STEM Education. This minor will help students prepare for the Praxis subject area specialty examination in Technology Education and make dual certification possible as better prepared teachers. Graduates with certifications in other areas (e.g., science, math, social studies, English, early childhood education) could apply for certification in Technology Education in Pennsylvania, and many other states as well.

This approach is a good fit for students in other teacher preparation programs for three reasons: 1) helps to address the shortage of Technology & Engineering Education teachers in the country, 2) potentially provides graduates with a second certification area that makes it possible for them to teach technology & engineering (and STEM) classes, and 3) prepares these teachers to be more effective in this secondary certification area than those who only take the Praxis test, but don't have any formal preparation or experience to teach these hands-on classes safely and effectively.

Minor in Technology & Engineering Education Coursework

tece-minor3.jpgThe minor provides the background for students to deliver courses in Technology & Engineering Education, particularly at the K-8 level as these courses tend to be broad-based survey types of courses. The courses below will help to prepare those motivated students seeking dual certification in Technology Education, but should not be considered as a replacement for the full teacher preparation program in the field. 

AENG 110: Communication & Information Systems
AENG 120: Energy & Power Technology
AENG 130: Production Materials & Processes
AENG 241: Drafting Communication
EDTE 291: Foundations of Technology & Engineering Education
AENG 344: Product Design

Why consider a Technology & Engineering Education minor?

One of the best ways for beginning teachers to distinguish themselves from others is to show hiring school administrators that they are willing to develop and adapt their careers to the needs of their school district. Having a second certification is one way teachers can set themselves apart from others. The K-12 Technology & Engineering Education programs in Pennsylvania and throughout the Northeast are not graduating enough certified teachers to meet the current and future demands for Technology & Engineering Educators (who are also certified as STEM educators). Millersville University has documented a demand of at least five teaching positions for every Technology & Engineering Teacher candidate we graduate.

tece-minor2.jpgAside from making the teacher candidate more marketable to hiring school districts, a minor in Technology & Engineering Education can provide natural professional development opportunities for students as they progress through their careers. Teachers who teach in both their major field of study and also in Technology & Engineering Education might find that they want or need more background in certain and pedagogical technical areas. Millersville University offers flexible classes to address those needs, as well as a Master's degree in Technology and Innovation for those who choose to pursue it.

For more information, please contact the Technology & Engineering Education program coordinator in the Department of Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology, Dr. Sharon Brusic. Her email address is, or she can be reached by phone at 717-871-5548.