2005-2001 Graduates

2005-2001 Graduates

Lynne (Hunt) Hyman (‘05 – BS CHEM) Ph.D., Duke University, 2011; She is an Instructor and General Chemistry Lab Manager at Duke University.

Sara E. (Nichols) Hayik (‘05 – BS CHEM) Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania; She is an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at DeSales University.

Matt Perekupka ('05 - BS CHEM) He is a High School Chemistry Teacher at Cinnaminson High School, New Jersey.

Thomas H. Walls (’05 – BS CHEM) Ph.D. University of Virginia, JD Temple University Beasley School of Law; He is a Patent Attorney with the firm of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, LLP.

William M. Yourey (’05 – BS CHEM) Graduate Student, Rutgers.

Sera M. Bargo (’04 – BS CHEM) MS in Atmospheric Chemistry, University of Wyoming (expected 2008); She is currently a graduate student at the University of Wyoming.

James M. Borden (’04 – BS BIOCH) He is currently a Research Assistant at Loyola University in Chicago.

Clee P. Brun (‘04 – BSE) He is a High School Chemistry Teacher for the Unionville Chadds Ford School District.

Katie L. Ciesienski (‘04 – BS CHEM) She is a Graduate Student at Duke University.

Thomas J. Dennes (‘04 – BS CHEM) MA in Chemistry; Ph.D., Princeton University; He is working as a Research Chemist at DuPont Central Research and Development.

Mary (Crowell) Falcone ('04 – BS CHEM) Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania (2013);  She is a Senior Research Investigator at the UPenn Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Nicotine Addiction.

Civia A. Katz (‘04 – BS) She is a Doctoral Graduate Student in the Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Michael J. Morris (‘04 – BS) He is a Biotransformation scientist at Glaxo Smith Kline.

Hallena R. Rogers (‘04 – BS) MS, University of Arizona; She is a Process Staff Chemist at Merck and Co.

Jeffrey A. Rood (‘04 – BS) Ph.D., University of Notre Dame; He will start a tenure track appointment at Elizabethtown College in 2009.

Michael R. Stump (‘04 – BS POLY) He is an Analytical Chemist at Johnson & Johnson-Merck Consumer Pharmaceuticals in Lancaster, PA.

Jessica E. Berger (‘03 – BS POLY) MS, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2006; MBA, Penn State University (expected 2008); She is a Graduate Assistant at Pennsylvania State University.

Emily Breneman (‘03 – BS) MA Chemistry, Princeton University (2005); She is a Senior Research Technician at Vector Biolabs, Inc.

Edward D'Antonio (‘03 – BS BIOCHEM) Ph.D. North Carolina State University; He is an Assistant Professor of Biochemistry and Structural Biology at the University of South Carolina, Beaufort. His research focus has been on the X-ray crystallography of drug targets found in parasitic organisms that cause disease, such as the Leishmania species. He is also teaching Biochemistry I.

Jaclyn A. Iera (‘03 – BS BIOCHEM) Ph.D., Northwestern University; She is a Chemist working for the Federal Government.

Mai (Nguyen) Jacques (‘03 – BS) Ph.D., University of Maine; She is a Senior Chemist at Lancaster Laboratories.

Joseph Lepo (‘03 – BA) MS, Environmental Education, Nova. Southeastern University; He is a Chemistry & AP Chemistry Teacher at Lake Worth High School in the School District of Palm Beach in Florida.

Laura A. McJilton (‘03 – BS) MS, Rice University (still going….); She is a Graduate Student at Rice University. Planning to finish up in May. Starting 6 months of sponsored research (last PhD chapter) at Wright Patterson Airforce Lab in Ohio in November.

Raymond Pugh ('03 - BS) Ph.D., in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Lehigh University; He is currently a postdoctoral fellow at PSU.

Matthew D. Spahr (‘03 – BA) He is an Honors & AP Chemistry Teacher at Lancaster Catholic High School in Lancaster, PA.

Dave Turner (‘03 – BS BIOCHEM) Ph.D., The Ohio State University - 2009. He is an adjunct faculty member at Wright State University and the recipient of the WSU 2017 Science & Mathematics Outstanding Teaching Award.

Joy M. (Ort) Welty (‘03 – BS BIOCH) MD (In progress) She is interested in neurosurgery/endocrinology and is applying to medical school.

Mark L. Hlavinka (‘02 – BS) He is a Graduate Student in area of inorganic chemistry at Harvard University.

Colleen Neal ('02-BS) PhD., Indiana University. She is an Analytical Chemist at Proctor and Gamble.

Kristin L. Reigle (‘02 – BS BIOCH) She is currently in the Pharmacy Program at Temple University School of Pharmacy (degree expected May 2010).

Clifford I. Stains (‘02 – BS BIOCH) Ph.D. (expected 2008) from the University of Arizona.

Matthew W. Stoltzfus (‘02 – BS) Ph.D., Ohio State University; He will start an appointment as a lecturer in general and inorganic chemistry at Ohio State University.

Lisa A. Winkler (‘02 – BS ENVC) '08 MS in Chemistry, St. Louis University; She is a Senior Research Chemist at Coviden/Mallinckrodt Inc.

Sam Courbis (‘01 – BA) He obtained a Master's degree in Chemistry from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in 2010.

Stephanie L. (Smith) Cleary (‘01 – BS ENVC) She is a Lead Quality Auditor for Merck and Co., Inc., in Durham, NC. She is currently working on a start-up facility that will manufacture vaccines against measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox and shingles.

Carlyn E. (Frey) Fryberger (‘01 – BS ENVC) Secondary Certification in Chemistry, MS Mississippi State University (2013); She earned her Master's degree in Geosciences and accepted a position at Ephrata High School as a Gifted Advisor for high school students.  She plans to keep some of her science teaching responsibilities as well.

Joe Pigga ('01- BS) He is currently in the Ph.D. program at Lehigh University.

Luis A. Ralat (‘01 – BS BIOCH) Ph.D., University of Delaware; He has accepted a post-doctoral position at the University of Chicago beginning SU07 working with Dr. Tang, a professor who works with the insulin-degrading enzyme that is thought to be involved in diabetes as well as Alzheimer's disease.

Robert Smith (‘01 – BS) He is a Research Chemist I at Fujifilm Electronic Materials.