Certificate in Kodály Studies

Tell School of Music students have the unique opportunity to study with two internationally renowned scholars in the Kodály method of music education - Dr. Philip Tacka and Dr. Micheal Houlahan. Music Education students now have the option of obtaining a new Certificate in Kodály at the Tell School of Music.

The Certificate is an additional credential to the Music Education students' transcript showing additional, specialized study in the Kodály method - an attractive credential for music teachers! 

The Certificate Program consists of 12 credits. These credits are already included in the BSE degree, so no additional coursework is needed for Music Education Students:

  • MUSI 312 Solfége, Harmony and Analysis III - 3.0 credits
  • MUSI 412 Solfége, Harmony and Analysis IV - 3.0 credits        
  • MUSI 317 Elementary Methods According to the Kodály Concept - 3.0 credits
  • MUSI 372 Middle-Level Methods According to the Kodály Concept - 3.0 credits

Level of Proficiency to earn the Kodály Certificate:

A grade of B or higher in all courses is required for successful certification.

Music Education students must pass a formal review and discussion of their teaching and conducting skills, including a presentation of a Folksong database/Retrieval System.

For more information on the Certificate in Kodály at Millersville contact Dr. Philip Tacka or Prof. Anne Stuart