Occupational Safety & Environmental Health Program

Degree Requirements - OSEH

The Occupational Safety & Environmental Health degree is a four-year program where upon successful completion you will be awarded a bachelor's degree. Your coursework over the four years in the program will be divided into three broad categories: 1) General Education; 2) Occupational Safety & Environmental Health classes; and 3) required-related classes.

General Education: 51 credits (minimum)

All students seeking a bachelor's degree from Millersville University must successfully complete the general education requirements. The general education requirements are designed to help make you into a well-rounded professional. Please take some time to read about the general education requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog

Occupational Safety & Environmental Health Required Classes: 38-44 credits

The required courses for the Occupational Safety & Environmental Health degree are listed below and you can read their descriptions in the Undergraduate Catalog. The OSEH information starts on page 85.

All courses are three credits unless otherwise listed.

Occupational Safety & Environmental Health
Required Courses: 38-44 credits

OSEH 120: Safety, Health, and Environmental Issues
OSEH 220: Legal Aspects of Safety & Hygiene
OSEH 221: Industrial Fire Prevention, Protection, and Control
OSEH 320: Safety Engineering Principles
OSEH 321: Environmental and Industrial Hygiene I (4 credits)
OSEH 323: Human Factors in OSEH
OSEH 333: System Safety
OSEH 410: Occupational Safety & Health Management
OSEH 422: Environmental & Industrial Hygiene II (4 credits)
OSEH 435: Environmental Technology
OSEH 440: Internship in Industry (6-12 credits)

Required-related Courses: 30 credits

All courses are three credits unless otherwise listed.

Occupational Safety & Environmental Health
Required Courses: 30 credits

ITEC 130: Production Materials and Processes
ITEC 392: Industrial Training
BIOL 100: General Biology
CHEM 103: General, Organic, and Biochemistry I
CHEM 104: General, Organic, and Biochemistry II
MATH 130: Statistics
MATH 151: Calculus for Management (or higher, 4 credits)
PHYS 131: Physics I (4 credits)
PHYS 132: Physics II (4 credits)

Additional Elective Courses: 13 credits (approximately)

Additional elective courses will be required to bring your total credits to 120 to satisfy your degree requirements or specialty. These electives may be used to satisfy prerequisites or your general interest. Your advisor will help you out in selecting these courses.

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