AET Occupational Safety & Hygiene Technology Degree Requirements

AET Occupational Safety & Hygiene - 2-year Degree (A.T.) Requirements

The Applied Engineering & Technology degree is a two-year program where upon successful completion you will be awarded an associate's degree. Your coursework over the two years in the program will be divided into two categories: 1) General Education; and 2) Technical Option Classes.

*Note: If you are looking for information on the Occupation Safety & Environmental Health bachelor's degree program, it is considered a major separate from the AETM major. Please select the program from the navigation on the left of click here.

General Education: 31-32 credits (minimum)

All students seeking an associate's degree from Millersville University must successfully complete the general education requirements. The general education requirements are designed to help make you into a well-rounded professional. Please take some time to read about the general education requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog

Occupational Safety & Hygiene Technology Technical Core: 33 credits

The courses for the Occupational Safety & Hygiene Technology associate's degree are listed below and you can read their descriptions in the Undergraduate Catalog. The AEST information starts on page 81.

Associate's Degree
Occupational Safety & Hygiene Technology - Required Courses: 33 credits

AENG 120: Energy, Power & Transportation
AENG 130: Production Materials and Processes
OSEH 120: Safety, Health, and Environmental Issues
OSEH 220: Legal Aspects of Safety
OSEH 221: Fire Prevention, Protection, and Control
OSEH 320: Safety Engineering Principles
OSEH 321: Environmental and Industrial Hygiene I
OSEH 323: Human Factors
CHEM 104: General, Organic, and Biochemistry II
Select one course from the following five:
OSEH 333: Intro to Systems Safety
OSEH 410: Safety & Hygiene Management
OSEH 422: Environmental & Industrial Hygiene II
AENG 300: Co-op
AENG 392: Intro to Industrial Training

Required Related Courses: 10-12 credits

Required related courses round out the departmental requirements for the AET: Advanced Manufacturing Technology degree.

Mathematics: 3-4 Credits

Select one course from the following list.

MATH 130: Elements of Statistics
MATH 151: Calculus for Management, Life
MATH 160: Precalculus

Physics: 4 Credits

Select one course from the following list.

PHYS 103: Elements of Physics
PHYS 104: Applied Physics
PHYS 131: Physics I

Chemistry: 3-4 Credits

Select one course from the following list.

CHEM 103: General, Organic and Biochemistry I
CHEM 111: Intro to Chemistry