Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology Exit Survey Project

Tell us about your experience!

Congratulations on nearing the end of your degree program in the Department of Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology. At the end of each semester, we ask the students who are graduating to provide us with some feedback about your experience. The feedback you provide will be used to help strengthen the programs we offer, and to collect some data that are important to our accreditation agencies. The survey you will complete should take you around 20 minutes to finish, and all survey data will be held in confidence until after graduation.

Let's get started!

Please select the appropriate survey to match your degree. Note: There are different surveys for those graduating with an Associate's degree (2-year) and for those graduating with a Bachelor's degree (4-year).

Associate's Degree (2-year typ.) Exit Surveys

If you're graduating with an Associate's in Technology (AET) degree, please select the link for the option you studied. You will be taken to a page on Qualtrics and asked questions about your program.

Associate's Degree Options: