Mission and Vision

We will equip our students with the skills, perspectives, and experiences to confront the problems of tomorrow.

We are a business community who fosters life-long curiosity, innovation, and inclusion, offering programs and experiences to help our students succeed professionally and make a positive impact on industry and society.

Lombardo College of Business Core Values

To achieve this vision and mission, the Lombardo College of Business echoes the EPPIIC values espoused by Millersville University.

Strategic Goals

2020 Lombardo College of Business Strategic Plan

 Our strategies align with the four strategic directions of the University identified within its 2020 strategic plan, “Tradition and Transformation”.  At the same time, our plan retains the key initiatives and goals that were crafted as the future channels of growth and emphasis for the new college. 

 Our strategic initiatives fall into four main areas: programs and student groups, student success and experiential opportunities, long-term strategic investments, and the college’s external connections.  An overarching theme to these goals is to cultivate a business community at Millersville that fosters curiosity, innovation, and inclusion, helping our students to succeed and make a positive societal impact.

 Initiative 1: Business Innovations and Growth

 Goal 1: New Majors

  •  Add interdisciplinary majors in entrepreneurship, business analytics & data intelligence

 Goal 2: New Concentrations

  •  Add concentrations in health management, HR management, wealth management

 Goal 3: New Certifications

  • Add certifications in nonprofit business, aviation management, accounting, other areas of demonstrable interest

 Goal 4: Recruiting - Students

  •  Broaden geographic and demographic reaches

 Goal 5: Globalization

  • Increase number of international students in LCOB, launch faculty-led study abroad trips, set up MOUs with foreign universities, create global scholar-in-residence program

Initiative 2: Student Engagement and Successes

Goal 1: Student Success - Accreditation and Assessment

  • Improve student retention, improve student outcomes, start path to AACSB accreditation

 Goal 2: Experiential Learning

  • Create local and global curricular excursions, ramp up internships, explore viability of business living-learning community

 Goal 3: Student Organizations and Extracurricular Engagement

  • Identify and encourage student participate in leadership programs, national finance and marketing challenges

 Initiative 3: Business Investments: People, Technology, and Spaces

 Goal 1: Recruiting - Faculty

  • Hire faculty to help us launch new programs and align with AACSB accreditation

 Goal 2: Faculty Development and Growth

  • Improve participation in conferences and training programs (teaching, research, leadership, accreditation)

 Goal 3: Online Teaching

  • Increase number of classes offered online in fall and spring, develop fully online certifications and majors that augment current offerings

 Goal 4: New Business HQ

  • Renovate Brooks Hall to serve as home for LCOB, and campus hub for business, innovation, data analytics, and entrepreneurship

 Goal 5: New Centers

  • Launch of new business center(s) that builds upon the College’s existing resources, provides skills and experiences to our students, and instills value in our community

 Initiative 4: Engaging the Business Community

 Goal 1: Fundraising and Engagement

  • Team with Advancement to raise funds for scholarships, initiatives, and facilities; build relations with local companies, governments, and organizations; expand social media presence and modernize college website

 Goal 2: Increase Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Work with Office of Diversity and Inclusion to strengthen relations with local organizations; offer co-curricular content to improve financial literacy; create annual forums that address class, race, and gender issues in business

 Goal 3: Alumni Connections

  • Boost alumni connections through direct engagement, as well as on-campus, local, regional, and international events; build up mentorship and networking programs

 Goal 4: Business Advisory Committee

  • Construct board of local business leaders and alumni that help dean with academic and cocurricular strategies, fundraising and friendraising, marketing of LCOB, and community engagement