Mission and Vision

We will be a top choice for local, regional and international students.

We are committed to transforming learners into effective, ethical business professionals who bring value, and are capable of leadership in evolving markets.  Our programs will prepare students for careers and life-long learning, offering value and are characterized by relevance, rigor and excellence.

Our Goal is Your Success
Acquiring and practicing the skills that will take you on the journey of a lifetime

College of Business Core Values

To achieve this vision and mission, the College of Business is committed to:

  1. A Supportive Environment characterized by:
    • Collegiality, civility, mutual respect
    • Accountability
    • Academic freedom
    • Ethical decision-making
    • Diversity in our faculty, students and staff
    • Individual interaction between faculty and students

  2. Promoting Success by:
    • Helping students achieve our programmatic learning goals
    • Continuous improvement in all methods
    • Partnership with internal and external stakeholders
    • Career advising
    • Engaging in scholarly activities that support excellence in teaching

  3. Citizenship – We are committed to the economic development of the community, ethics and social responsibility on the part of students, faculty and staff.

  4. Innovative Programs of Distinction – We are entrepreneurial in our approach to targeting and serving the needs of key industries in the communities that we serve. 

  5. Student welfare – Care and respect for each student is a hallmark of the Millersville experience.  We will continue to support and encourage our students as they identify and pursue their personal and professional aspirations.

College of Business Goals & Strategic Initiatives

  1. Education Innovation – We seek to expand our current academic program with carefully identified bachelors degrees, certificate programs, online programs and other additional programs which emphasize our differential advantage.
  2. Millersville Mission – The College is rooted in the mission of the University.  We are committed to engaging learners by insuring that students meet the following objectives:

    Each student will develop:
    • the ability to integrate across business disciplines
    • analytical and problem-solving skills
    • written and oral communication skills
    • life-long learning and professional skills in their chosen field
    • high standards of ethics and social responsibility
    • a global perspective

  3. Continuous improvement – Excellence in teaching and scholarship is at the heart of our academic mission. Our goal is to continuously update and measure the success of our curriculum, our academic advising, scholarship and involvement in professional associations.
  4. Engagement and Impact – Our success depends on engaging with and serving our students, alumni, employers, the business community, benefactors and all of our stakeholders.  Our goal is to improve both career placement and alumni relations.