Grade Level

What will your college grade level be when you begin the school year?

In order for the Office of Financial Aid to process your financial aid award accurately and efficiently, please make sure you choose the correct grade level you will be during the upcoming Academic Year. See below for more detailed information regarding what each grade level is pertaining to.

  • Never attended college/1st year ( applies to first-time students who have never attended college)
  • Attended college before/1st year(applies to students who have previously enrolled in college and have earned between 0 - 29.9 credits.)
  • 2nd year (applies to students who have earned between 30 - 59.9 credits)
  • 3rd year(applies to students who have earned between 60 - 89.9 credits)
  • 4th year(applies to students who have earned 90+ credits)
  • 5th year/other undergraduate (applies to students in the 5th year, in Post-Baccalaureate Certification programs, and 2nd Degree programs.)
  • Graduate Student (first year) (applies to students entering the first year of a Master's program)
  • Continuing graduate/professional or beyond (applies to students entering second-year master's degree programs, PhD, Doctorate students, etc.)

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