Fall 2021 Academic Calendar

Fall 2021

TUE AUG 3 Online new student orientation: "Countdown to College" begins
SAT AUG 14 Online new student orientation: "Countdown to College" ends
THU AUG 19 Orientation and move-in for first-time-in-college students admitted for Fall 2021 begins. 
SUN AUG 22 Orientation for first-time-in-college students admitted for Fall 2021 ends.

Fall 2021 Classes Begin

Late registration online drop/add period begins online

MON AUG 30 Last day to drop or add a course online (by 11:59pm)
MON AUG 30 Last day to submit a request to take a course on a pass/fail or audit basis (requests must be in the Registrar's Office by 4:30pm) 

W grade period begins. 

If course starts or ends outside of the regular Fall 2021 term (8/23-12/12), the withdrawal deadline will differ.  Please contact the Registrar’s Office for more information.


HOLIDAY NO CLASSES and University Offices are CLOSED.


Marauder Family Weekend

MON SEP 13* Winter web schedule & other registration information available online

Application deadline for bachelor's degree candidates for Fall 2021 and Winter 2022 (Online Graduation Application must be approved by all parties and in the Registrar's Office queue to meet the deadline.)

Applications for the master's degree (graduation) must be filed with Graduate Studies & Adult Learning.


Deadline to submit an Academic Program Change Request (major/minor add/drop) in time for Spring 2022 advisement.

Any changes in major or minor submitted to the Registrar's office after this date will be processed, but TAP number and advisement will be done with the student's advisor as of this date.


Registration for Winter 2022 begins at noon


Spring 2022 web schedule & other registration information available online

FRI OCT 8 Fall recess begins after last class
MON OCT 11  TAPs available to academic advisors for Spring 2022 registration
WED OCT 13 Fall recess ends at 7am
OCT 15-16
FRI OCT 29 Deadline for making up a Summer & Spring 2021 incomplete grade for an undergraduate course
FRI OCT 29 Last day to withdraw from a course and receive a W grade (withdrawal form must be submitted online by 4:30 pm)
TUE NOV 2 Graduate degree-seeking registration for Spring 2022 term
WED NOV 3 Graduate non-degree seeking registration for Spring 2022 term
NOV  04-12
Spring 2022 undergraduate registration. See Registration Guide and Appointment Schedule on the Registration Information page for details. 
TUE NOV 23 Thanksgiving recess begins after last class
MON NOV 29 Thanksgiving recess ends at 7am
MON NOV 29* Summer class schedules are available to view on web
MON DEC 6 Last day to change a pass/fail grade to a regular grade
MON DEC 6 Last day for graduate students to make up a Spring or Summer 2021 incomplete grade for a graduate course
MON DEC 6 Deadline for submitting graduate theses and grades for research reports to Graduate Studies & Adult Learning
DEC 7-11
Evaluation period -- Special class schedule
Classes will meet during this period for regular instruction or for examinations
SUN DEC 12 Fall 2021 term ends
WED DEC 15 Deadline (12MN) for faculty to submit final grades for Fall 2021
FRI DEC 17 Fall 2021 grades are available to students via MAX after 4:30pm
Degree Audit (GPA/repeats) will be updated per fall grades.
SUN-WED DEC 19-22 Millersville University's network is scheduled for update, therefore, Transcripts, Grades and Degree Audits will be unavailable Sunday, December 19 through possibly Wednesday, December 22. Please plan your grades, audit and transcript requests and access accordingly.
SAT MAY 7 Commencement Ceremony for all 2021-2022 graduates (Fall 2021, Winter 2022, Spring 2022 and Summer 2022). Details, as they are confirmed, will be emailed to candidates and on the commencement website

Academic dismissal notices will be sent to students' millersville.edu email and home address on or before JAN 3

* Availability of web schedules may change if the class schedule production timeline changes. Any updates will be made here when they are confirmed.