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Marywood University / MU Transfer Course Equivalencies

In general, Millersville University awards transfer credit for college-level courses in fields of study offered at Millersville that were completed on the campus of a regionally accredited institution.

Note: The list below might not include all courses that would be accepted in transfer. Questions may be addressed to:

Tip: For MU Gen ED code descriptions, place your cursor over the codes corresponding to the courses listed below, a tooltip should appear.

Marywood University Course Millersville Equivalent MU Gen ED Code (s)
ARCH 110 Foundation Design I ART 1X1 Foundation Design I G1
ARCH 112 Intro Designed Environment ELEC 1X2 Intro Designed Environment
ARCH 120 Foundation Design II ART 1X2 ARCH Foundation Design II
ARCH 124 Digital Media I ART 1X4 Digital Media I G1
ARCH 125 History & Theory of Arch I ART 1X5 History & Theory of Arch I
ART 110 Basic Drawing w/ Lab ART 133 Drawing 1 G1
ART 110L Basic Drawing Lab Does Not Transfer
ART 118 2-D Design/ Color w/ Lab ART 142 2D Design G1
ART 212 3-D Design I w/ Lab ART 242 3D Design
ART 223 Basic Ceramics ART 295 Ceramics:Hand Building G1
ART 233 Painting I ART 352 Painting 1
ART 261 Sculpture I ART 282 Sculpture 1 G1
ASTR 250 The Solar System PHYS 117 General Astronomy G2
BIOL 121 Anatomy & Physiology BIOL 254 Human Anat and Physiology 1
BIOL 122 Anatomy & Physiology BIOL 255 Human Anat and Physiology 2
BIOL 130 Prin Anat&Phys BIOL 13X Prin Anat&Phys
BIOL 351 Evolution BIOL 103 The Science of Evolution G2
BUS 103 Cmpt Tools - Mgmt BUAD 1X3 Cmpt Tools - Mgmt
BUS 111 Prin of Mrktng BUAD 231 Principles of Marketing
BUS 121 Prin of Mgmt BUAD 251 Principles of Management W, G3
BUS 131 Accounting 1 BUAD 162 Intro to Managerial Accounting
BUS 132 Accounting 2 BUAD 161 Intro to Financial Accounting
BUS 252 Business Law I BUAD 202 Legal Environment of Business G3
BUS 254 Stat Bus Decis BUAD 25X Stat Bus Decis
BUS 301 Mgmt Info Syst BUAD 307 Management Information Systms
CHEM 110 Introductory Chemistry CHEM 11X Introductory Chemistry
CHEM 121 Prin Chemistry CHEM 111 Introductory Chemistry 1 L, G2
CHEM 122 Prin Chemistry CHEM 1X2 Prin Chemistry G2
CHEM 210 Introductory Organic Chemistry CHEM 21X Introductory Organic Chemistry
COMM 101 Dynam Spch Comm COMM 1X1 Dynam Spch Comm
COMM 112 Communication Theory COMM 201 Theory of Communication G1
COMM 115 News Writing COMM 326 Media Writing: News W
COMM 130B First Year Practicum Does Not Transfer
COMM 130C Practicum - Video Does Not Transfer
COMM 202 Adv: Prin & Prct BUAD 335 Advertising
COMM 230A Communication Arts Does Not Transfer
COMM 230B Communication Arts Does Not Transfer
COMM 233L Video Production I Lab Does Not Transfer
COMM 302 Advertising Copywriting COMM 3X2 Advertising Copywriting
COMM 309 Computer Graphics COMM 3X9 Computer Graphics
COMM 330B Communication Arts Does Not Transfer
COMM 336 Broadcast Newswriting COMM 425 Broadcast News Reporting
COMM 430A Communication Arts Does Not Transfer
COMM 448O ST: Advanced Media COMM 4X8 ST: Advanced Media
CSD 163 Intro to Comm Disorders COMM 1X3 Intro to Comm Disorders
CSD 164 Phonetics COMM 1X4 Phonetics
DANC 141 Body Awareness WELL 175 Wellness: Body Awareness WELL
DANC 145B Dance Technique: Jazz ELEC 1X5B Dance Technique: Jazz
DANC 145E Dance Technique: Musical Theat ELEC 1X5E Dance Technique: Musical Theat
DEAN 000 New Std Seminar Does Not Transfer
DEAN 010 Read/Study Skills Does Not Transfer
ECON 100 Basic Economics ECON 100 Introductory Economics G3
ECON 210 Basic Economics ECON 100 Introductory Economics G3
ECON 212 Principles of Economics 1 ECON 101 Principles of Macroeconomics G3
ECON 313 Principles of Economics II ECON 102 Principles of Microeconomics G3
EDUC 100 Intro to Educ EDFN 1XX Intro to Educ
EDUC 101 Intro to Educ EDFN 1XX Intro to Educ
EDUC 108 Orientation Early Childhood Ed ERCH 1X8 Orientation Early Childhood Ed
EDUC 301 EC Curriculum 2 ELED 3X1 EC Curriculum 2
EDUC 302 Child in Family EDUC 3X2 Child in Family
ENGL 160 Composition & Rhetoric ENGL 110 English Composition COMP
ENGL 180 Intro World Lit ENGL 231 World Literature 1 G1
ENGL 300 Classics Wld Lt ENGL 30X Classics Wld Lit G1
ENGL 302N Film as Art ENGL 240 Introduction to Film G1
ENGL 364 British Literature ENGL 233 Early English Literature G1
ENGL H160 Writing Skills ENGL 110 English Composition COMP
ENVS 345 Env Mangmnt&Pol ENVI 3X5 Env Mangmnt&Pol
FA 101 Music and Theatre HMFA 1X1 Music and Theatre G1
FREN 101 Elementary French FREN 101 Elementary French 1 G1
FREN 102 Elementary French FREN 102 Elementary French 2 G1
GEOG 210 Prin of Geog GEOG 101 The Global Environment G3
HIST 100 Roots Mdrn Wrld HIST 1XX Roots Mdrn Wrld G3
HIST 101 Global History of the 20th Cen HIST 1X1 Global History of the 20th Cen G3
HIST 105 Ethnicity & Diversity HIST 1X5 Ethnicity & Diversity G3
HIST 120 Perspectives on Pursuit of Pea HIST 1X2 Perspectives on Pursuit of Pea G3
HIST 252 US to 1865 HIST 106 Contours of US History G3
HIST 253 US History since 1865 HIST 2X1 US History Since 1865 G3
HIST 320B Womanhd America HIST 250 Women in American History G3, W
IARC 124 Design Drawing and Color ART 1X4 ARCH Design Drawing and Color
IARC 324 History of Interior Arch ART 3X4 History of Interior Arch G1
MATH 110 Math Contmp Soc MATH 1X1 Math Contmp Soc
MATH 120 Math/Liberal Arts MATH 100 Survey of Mathematical Ideas G2
MATH 150 Architectural Mathematics MATH 1X5 Architectural Mathematics G2
MATH 155 Statistics MATH 130 Elements of Statistics 1 G2
MATH 216 Stat Behv Scien MATH 130 Elements of Statistics 1 G2
MUSC 100A Chamber Singers MUSI 1X1A Chamber Singers
MUSC 100B Chamber Singers MUSI 1X1B Chamber Singers
MUSC 102A Concert Choir MUSI 1X2A Concert Choir
MUSC 102B Concert Choir MUSI 1X2B Concert Choir
MUSC 111A Written Theory I MUSI 2XXA Written Theory I
MUSC 112A Aural Skills I MUSI 1XXA Aural Skills I
MUSC 115A Conducting I MUSI 381 Conducting 1
MUSC 124A Applied Voice MUSI 1X4A Applied Voice
MUSC 124B Applied Voice MUSI 1X4B Applied Voice
MUSC 127A CL Piano Minors MUSI 131 Class Piano 1
MUSC 127B CL Piano Minors MUSI 231 Class Piano 2
MUSC 200A Chamber Singers MUSI 2X1A Chamber Singers
MUSC 200B Chamber Singers MUSI 2X1B Chambers Singers
MUSC 202A Concert Choir MUSI 2X2A Concert Choir
MUSC 224A Applied Voice MUSI 2X4A Applied Voice
MUSC 319B Musical Theatre Repertoire MUSI 3X9B Musical Theatre Repertoire
MUSC 324A Applied Voice MUSI 3X4A Applied Voice
MUSC 324B Applied Voice MUSI 3X4B Applied Voice
MUSC 423A Opera Workshop MUSI 4X3A Opera Workshop
ND 101 Intro to ND Profession Does Not Transfer
ND 103 Basic and Culinary Foods Does Not Transfer
ND 103L Basic Foods Lab Does Not Transfer
ND 112 Nutrition 1 BIOL 256 Nutrition W, G2
ND 465 Research in Nutrition/Dietetic Does Not Transfer
PED 100 Wellness Life WELL 1XX Wellness Life WELL
PED 112N Racquetball WELL 11XN Racquetball WELL
PHIL 113 Intro to Philos PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy G1
PHIL 427 Business Ethics PHIL 4X7 Business Ethics G1
PS 210 American Government & Politics GOVT 111 Intro to American Government G3
PSY 211 General Psych PSYC 100 General Psychology G3
PSY 251 Developmental Psy PSYC 227 Devlopmnt Child and Adolescent W, G3
PSY 270 Psy Appl Stats PSYC 27X Psy Appl Stats
PSY 314 Physiologcl Psy PSYC 415 Physiological Psychology
PSY 315 Cntmp Appr Lrng PSYC 31X Cntmp Appr Lrng
PSY H211 General Psych PSYC 100 General Psychology G3
PSYC 211 General Psychology PSYC 100 General Psychology G3
PSYC 251 Developmental Psyc PSYC 228 Life Span Human Devlopment G3
R ST 112 Modern Belief Does Not Transfer
R ST 203 Biblical Themes Does Not Transfer
R ST 204 New Testament Does Not Transfer
RST 112 Modern Belief Does Not Transfer
RST 230 Political/Liberation Theology Does Not Transfer
RST 233 Christ Soc Moral Does Not Transfer
S ED 100 Char Stu Mld Ds SPED 1X1 Char Stu Cld Ds
SOC 211 Intro to Sociology SOCY 101 Introduction to Sociology G3
SOC 214 Social Problems SOCY 211 Social Problems G3, W
SOC 218 Anthropology ANTH 121 Cultural Anthropology G3
SPAN 101 Elem Spanish with Lab SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish 1 G1
SPAN 102 Elem Spanish with Lab SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish 2 G1
SPAN 103 Advanced Elementary Spanish SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish 2 G1
SPAN 211 Intermed Span SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish 1 G1
SPAN 212 Intermed Span SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish 2 G1
SW 145 Foundations of Social Work SOWK 102 Modern Social Welfare Dilemmas G3
SW 150 Introductory Soc Work Field SOWK 1X5 Introductory Soc Work Field
SW 230 Analysis of Social Welfare SOWK 201 Social Welfare Policy/Economcs
SW 250 Contemporary Soc Work Practice SOWK 301 Social Work Practice 1
SW 310 Social Work Research I SOWK 430 Social Work Research W
SW 350 Human Behavior and the Social SOWK 203 Human Behvior and Social Envrn
SW 399C Explr SW Topics SOWK 3X9 Explr SW Topics
SW 401 Socl Work w/ Neighbrhd, Commun SOWK 403 Social Work Practice 3
SW 425 Children's Rights & Societal SOWK 4X2 Children's Rights & Societal
THEA 113 Introduction to Theatre THEA 217 Theatre Appreciation G1
THEA 130A Theatre Lab Does Not Transfer
THEA 230A Theatre Lab Does Not Transfer
THEA 241 Fundamentals of Acting THEA 130 Acting 1 G1
THEA 242 Advanced Acting THEA 230 Acting 2 G1
THEA 243 Stage Movement THEA 2X3 Stage Movement
THEA 244D Audition Workshop THEA 2X4D Audition Workshop
THEA 247A Stage Management THEA 2X7A Stage Management
THEA 247C Lighting and Sound THEA 220 Lighting and Sound
THEA 247D Costuming and Makeup THEA 2X7D Costuming and Makeup
THEA 330A Theatre Lab Does Not Transfer
THEA 342A Script Analysis THEA 240 Script Analysis G1
THEA 343 Theatre Management THEA 350 Theatre Management
THEA 347 Stage Directing THEA 3X7 Stage Directing
THEA 348 Advanced Stage Directing THEA 3X8 Advanced Stage Directing
THEA 404 Theatre as a Business THEA 4X4 Theatre as a Business
UNIV 100 Liv Rsp in Interdependent Wrld UNIV 103 First Yr:

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