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Peirce College / MU Transfer Course Equivalencies

In general, Millersville University awards transfer credit for college-level courses in fields of study offered at Millersville that were completed on the campus of a regionally accredited institution.

Note: The list below might not include all courses that would be accepted in transfer. Questions may be addressed to:

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Peirce College Course Millersville Equivalent MU Gen ED Code (s)
ACC 101 Accounting Principles 1 BUAD 161 Intro to Financial Accounting
ACC 102 Accounting Principles 2 BUAD 1X2 Accounting Principles 2
ACC 222 Managerial Accounting BUAD 162 Intro to Managerial Accounting
BIS 101 Microcomputer Applications CSCI 101 Problem Solving with Computers G2
BIS 111 Application Software Fundament CSCI 101 Problem Solving with Computers G2
BIS 204 Business Software Analysis BUAD 2X4 Business Software Analysis
BIS 210 Advanced Business Software App CSCI 2X1 Advanced Business Software App
COM 202 Intercultural Communication COMM 317 Intercultural Communication D, P
COM 204 Fundamentals of Communication COMM 100 Fundamentals of Speech SPCH
ECO 101 Macroeconomics ECON 101 Principles of Macroeconomics G3
ECO 102 Microeconomics ECON 102 Principles of Microeconomics G3
ENG 098 College Reading & Study Skills Does Not Transfer
ENG 099 Introduction to Composition Does Not Transfer
ENG 101 English Composition ENGL 110 English Composition COMP
ENG 103 Rhetoric and Research ENGL 13X Rhetoric and Research G1
ENG 202 Introduction to Literature ENGL 230 Introduction to Literature G1
FIN 201 Introduction to Finance BUAD 2X1 Introduction to Finance
HIS 320 African Civilizations HIST 3X2 African Civilizations G3
HIT 100 Medical Terminology Does Not Transfer
HIT 101 Intro to Health Information MG Does Not Transfer
HIT 125 Medical Terminology Does Not Transfer
HUM 105 World Religions PHIL 313 World Religions G1
HUM 107 Intro to Gender Issues WSTU 220 Introduction Women's Studies G3
HUM 108 Intro African American Experie AFAM 201 Intro to African American Stdy G3, D
HUM 225 Art and Music of the 20th Cent HUMN 2X5 Art and Music of the 20th Cent G1
ITN 120 PC Fundamentals Does Not Transfer
KEY 101 Keyboarding 1 Does Not Transfer
LAW 103 Business Law BUAD 202 Legal Environment of Business G3
MAT 010 Arithmetic and Elementary Alg Does Not Transfer
MAT 099 Elementary Algebra Does Not Transfer
MAT 101 Introduction to College Mathem MATH 100 Survey of Mathematical Ideas G2
MAT 102 College Algebra MATH 101 College Algebra
MAT 109 Business Statistics 1 ECON 231 Applied Statistcs 1 G3
MGT 101 Introduction to Business BUAD 101 Introduction to Business G3
MGT 122 Office Management BUAD 1X2 Office Management
MGT 147 Introduction to Business Syste BUAD 1X7 Introduction to Business Syste
MGT 203 Quality Services Management BUAD 2X3 Quality Services Management
MGT 210 Applied Management Concepts BUAD 251 Principles of Management G3, W
MKT 101 Introduction to Marketing BUAD 231 Principles of Marketing
NET 101 Introduction to PCs & Networki CSCI 1X1 Introduction to PCs & Networki
OFT 101 Wordperfect Applications Does Not Transfer
OFT 202 Desktop Publishing ITEC 356 Desktop Publishing W
OFT 203 Emerging Office Technologies Does Not Transfer
PRC 100 Student Success Seminar Does Not Transfer
PRC 101 Peirce College 101 UNIV 101 Freshman Seminar
PSC 101 Intro to American Government GOVT 111 Intro to American Government G3
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology PSYC 100 General Psychology G3
PSY 102 Psy of Personal Adjust PSYC 256 Psychology Human Adjustment G3, W
PSY 270 Abnormal Psychology PSYC 337 Abnormal Psychology G3, W
SCI 115 General Physics PHYS 101 Survey of Physics G2
SCI 220 Our Physical World ESCI 102 Origin and Evoltn of the Earth G2
SCI 240 Intro to Anatomy & Physiology BIOL 254 Human Anat and Physiology 1
SCI 250 Anatomy and Physiology II BIOL 255 Human Anat and Physiology 2
SCI 270 Pathophysiology BIOL 2X7 Patholphysiology G2
SCI 330 Environmental Science ESCI 3X3 Environmental Science G2
SOC 101 General Sociology SOCY 101 Introduction to Sociology G3
SOC 240 Sociology of Behavior & Illnes SOCY 317 Sociology Of Health G3

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