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Waynesburg University / MU Transfer Course Equivalencies

In general, Millersville University awards transfer credit for college-level courses in fields of study offered at Millersville that were completed on the campus of a regionally accredited institution.

Note: The list below might not include all courses that would be accepted in transfer. Questions may be addressed to:

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Waynesburg University Course Millersville Equivalent MU Gen ED Code (s)
ART 102 Art: Early Ren-Pres ART 312 Survey of Art History G1
ART 115 Design for Art ART 142 2D Design G1
ART 117 Sculpture ART 282 Sculpture 1 G1
ART 295 Special Topics ART 29X Special Topics
BIO 105 Medical Terminology BIOL 1X5 Medical Terminology
BIO 109 Human Anatomy BIOL 255 Human Anat and Physiology 2
BIO 121 Prin of Biology 1 BIOL 100 General Biology G2, L
BIO 153 Basic Biol Non-Maj BIOL 100 General Biology G2, L
BIO 207 Human Physiology BIOL 254 Human Anat and Physiology 1
BIO 215 Microbiology BIOL 161 Clinical Microbiology
BMS 106 Intro New Testament Does Not Transfer
BUS 101 Prin/Financial Acct BUAD 161 Intro to Financial Accounting
BUS 108 Quant Bus Analy I BUAD 10X Quant Bus Analy 1
BUS 141 Business Foundations I BUAD 101 Introduction to Business G3
BUS 208 Prin of Management BUAD 251 Principles of Management G3, W
BUS 215 Marketing BUAD 231 Principles of Marketing
BUS 335 Advertising BUAD 335 Advertising
CHE 121 General Chemistry CHEM 111 Introductory Chemistry 1 L, G2
COM 101 Intro to Elect Media COMM 121 Intro to Audio and Video
COM 105 Understanding Media COMM 220 Survey of Mass Media G1
COM 121 Intro to Photography ART 306 Fine Art Photo 1 G1
COM 126 Principles of Design ART 142 2D Design G1
COM 129 Graphic Design Tech ITEC 110 Communication/Info Systems
COM 228 Bus & Prof Speaking COMM 2X8 Bus & Prof Speaking G1
COM 308 Short Document Design ITEC 356 Desktop Publishing W
COM 336 The History of Film ENGL 481 History Of Film W
CRJ 309 Probation and Parole SOCY 3X3 Probation and Parole
CRJ 327 Organized Crime SOCY 3X2 Organized Crime
CRJ 338 Criminal Law SOCY 3X1 Criminal Law
CRJ 495 St: Patrol Proc/Comm SOCY 2X2 St: Patrol Proc/Comm
CSC 105 Intro to Computers CSCI 101 Problem Solving with Computers G2
CSC 116 Computer Program 1 CSCI 1X6 Computer Program 1 G2
CSC 217 Comp/Eth in Society CSCI 2X7 Comp/Eth in Society
ECO 202 Intro to Microeconom ECON 102 Principles of Microeconomics G3
EDU 101 Education & Society EDFN 211 Foundations Modern Education D
EDU 105 Teaching as Professi UNIV 101 Freshman Seminar
EDU 115 Intro to Mid/Secondary Edu EDUC 1X5 Intro to Mid/Secondary Edu
EDU 220 Educational Psych EDFN 241 Psyc Foundation of Teaching
EN 100 Communication Skills ENGL 110 English Composition COMP
EN 101 Communication Skills COMM 100 Fundamentals of Speech SPCH
EN 180 Audio Production 1 COMM 1X8 Audio Production 1
EN 200 Journalism 1 ENGL 313 Fundamentals of Journalism AW
EN 203 Adv Expository Writ ENGL 311 Advanced Composition AW
EN 250 Am Dream / Nightmare ENGL 2X5 Am Dream / Nightmare G1
ENG 100 Comp Literature ENGL 110 English Composition COMP
ENG 101 College Composition I ENGL 110 English Composition COMP
ENG 102 College Composition II ENGL 1X2 College Composition II G1
ENG 155 Intro / Creative Wrtg ENGL 1X5 Intro / Creative Wrtg G1
ENG 187H Hon College Comp 1 ENGL 110 English Composition COMP
ENG 225 Nature in Literature ENGL 22X Nature in Literature G1
ENG 295 Special Topics in Literature ENGL 2X5 Special Topics in Literature G1
ENG 395 ST: Lit Conversation ENGL 3X5 ST: Lit Conversation
FSC 105 Intro to Forensic Science ELEC 1X5 Intro to Forensic Science
FSK 125 Varsity Sports Does Not Transfer
GG 100 Geography GEOG 101 The Global Environment G3
HI 201 U S to 1865 HIST 106 Contours of US History G3
HI 202 U S since 1865 HIST 2X2 U S since 1865 G3
HIS 101 The US to 1865 HIST 10X The US to 1865 G3
HIS 102 The US Since 1865 HIS 1X2 The US Since 1865 G3
HIS 111 World Civ to 1500 HIST 206 The World to 1500 G3, D, W
HIS 202 US Since 1865 HIST 106 Contours of US History G3
HIS 206 20th Cnt Wrld Hst/Cl HIST 2X6 20th Cnt Wrld Hst/Cl G3
HON 101 Honors Seminar 1 Does Not Transfer
HON 102 Honors Seminar 2 Does Not Transfer
HSC 105 Intro to Health Sciences UNIV 1X1 Intro to Health Sciences
MAT 090 Basic Concepts Does Not Transfer
MAT 106 Beginning Algebra MATH 10X Beginning Algebra
MAT 107 Practical Mathematics for Life MATH 100 Survey of Mathematical Ideas G2
MAT 108 Intermediate Algebra MATH 101 College Algebra
MAT 111 Math for Elem Educ MATH 104 Fundamentals of Math 1 G2
MAT 150 Computing Today CSCI 1XX Computing Today G2
MAT 215 Applied Statistics MATH 130 Elements of Statistics 1 G2
MUS 101 Survery of Music MUSI 1X1 Survery of Music G1
MUS 107 Survy Amer Pop Music MUSI 263 Popular Music G1
MUS 108 Survey Music Worship Does Not Transfer
MUS 112 Applied Music: Individual Ins MUSI 108 Pri Ins 1:
MUS 112 Applied Music: Individual Ins MUSI 109 Pri Ins 2:
MUS 121 AM: Grp Symp Band Chamber MUSI 323 Chamber Orchestra
MUS 210 Applied Music Group MUSI 1XX Applied Music Group G1
NUR 105 Orientation/Prof Nsg Does Not Transfer
NUR 136 First Aid and CPR Does Not Transfer
NUR 201 Fund of Nursing Does Not Transfer
NUR 206 Pharmacology Does Not Transfer
NUR 207 Pathophysiologic Fnd Does Not Transfer
NUR 209 Evid-Based Practice Does Not Transfer
NUR 225 Issues in Aging Does Not Transfer
NUR 228 Hlth Care Pol Fin/Rg Does Not Transfer
PHL 105 Intro to Philosophy PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy G1
PHL 205 Ethics PHIL 381 Ethical Theories G1, W
POL 105 American Nat'l Govt GOVT 111 Intro to American Government G3
PS 100 American Nat'l Government GOVT 111 Intro to American Government G3
PSA 320 Criminal Procedure SOCY 2X1 Criminal Procedure
PSY 105 Intro to Psychology PSYC 100 General Psychology G3
PSY 106 Social Psychology PSYC 317 Social Psychology
PSY 107 Hum Dev: Life Span PSYC 228 Life Span Human Devlopment G3
PSY 151 Intro to Psychology PSYC 100 General Psychology G3
PSY 308 Abnormal Psychology PSYC 337 Abnormal Psychology G3, W
PSY 320 Child Psychology PSYC 227 Devlopmnt Child and Adolescent G3, W
SLR 105 SLR 1: Bonners Does Not Transfer
SOC 105 Prin of Sociology SOCY 101 Introduction to Sociology G3
SPE 209 Intro to Exceptional Individua SPED 2X9 Intro to Exceptional Individua
SPN 101 Elementary Spanish I SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish 1 G1
WBE 105 Career and Life Plan Does Not Transfer
WBE 106 Strat/Acad Success Does Not Transfer
WBE 108 Fiat Lux Does Not Transfer

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