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Wilson College / MU Transfer Course Equivalencies

In general, Millersville University awards transfer credit for college-level courses in fields of study offered at Millersville that were completed on the campus of a regionally accredited institution.

Note: The list below might not include all courses that would be accepted in transfer. Questions may be addressed to:

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Wilson College Course Millersville Equivalent MU Gen ED Code (s)
ACC 105 Financial Accounting BUAD 161 Intro to Financial Accounting
ANS 101 Intro to Animal Studies Does Not Transfer
AWS 105 Scientific Terminology BIOL 1X5 Scientific Terminology
BIO 101 General Biology I with Lab BIOL 101 Foundations of Biology L, G2
BIO 102 General Biology II with Lab BIOL 11X General Biology 2 with Lab G2, L
BIO 110 Contemporary Biology BIOL 1X1 Contemporary Biology G2
BIO 208 Genetics with Lab BIOL 364 Genetics and Molecular Biology
BIO 211 Microbiology BIOL 22X Microbiology G2
BUS 124 Introduction to Management BUAD 251 Principles of Management W, G3
BUS 216 Business Communications COMM 305 Business Profess Communictn
BUS 220 Entrepreneurship/Sm Bus Mgmt BUAD 371 Principles of Entrepreneurship
BUS 322 Organizational Behavior BUAD 351 Organization Theory
CHM 101 General Chemistry I with Lab CHEM 111 Introductory Chemistry 1 L, G2
CHM 102 General Chemistry II with Lab CHEM 112 Introductory Chemistry 2 G2, L
CHM 103 Fundamentals General Chemistry CHEM 1X3 Fundamentals General Chemistry G2, L
CHM 201 Organic Chemistry I CHEM 231 Organic Chemistry 1 L, G2
CHM 202 Organic Chemistry II CHEM 232 Organic Chemistry 2 G2, L
CLS 105 Scientific Terminology LATN 1X5 Scientific Terminology
CLS 215 Women in Antiquity HUMN 2X5 Women in Antiquity G1
COM 110 Effective Speaking COMM 100 Fundamentals of Speech SPCH
COM 130 Digital Communication Design I DESN 144 Digital Theory and Skills
CS 110 Intro to Computer Based System CSCI 101 Problem Solving with Computers G2
DNC 145 Hist Pers on Dance WELL 1X5 Hist Pers on Dance
DNC 151 Beginning Dance Techniques WELL 1X5 Beginning Dance Techniques
DNC 152 Beginning Dance Technique WELL 1X5 Beginning Cance Technique
ECO 101 Intro to Macroeconomics ECON 101 Principles of Macroeconomics G3
ECO 102 Intro to Microeconomics ECON 102 Principles of Microeconomics G3
EDU 204 Child Development, Cog & Learn ERCH 2X4 Child Development, Cog & Learn
EDU 206 Educational Psychology EDFN 241 Psyc Foundation of Teaching
EDU 215 Ed Students w/Special Needs SPED 101 Orientation to Special Educ
EDU 238 PreK-4 Lang & Literacy Develop ERCH 2X8 PreK-4 Lang & Literacy Develop
ENG 108 College Writing ENGL 110 English Composition COMP
ENG 115 Writing about Literary Genres ENGL 2X5 Writing about Literary Genres G1
ENG 180 Writing and Literature ENGL 230 Introduction to Literature G1
ENG 185 Writing about Lit and Env ENGL 1X8 Writing about Lit and Env G1, W
ENG 210 Advanced Exposition ENGL 311 Advanced Composition AW
ENG 220 Creative Writing ENGL 2X2 Creative Writing G1, W
ENV 101 Visions of Humanity and Nature ENVI 1X1 Visions of Humanity and Natr
EQS 110 Intro to Equine Management Does Not Transfer
EQS 116 Anatomy & Physiology of the BIOL 1X6 Anatomy & Physiology of the
EQS 125 Breeding and Training Does Not Transfer
EQS 220 Management of Equine Event Does Not Transfer
EQS 230 Intro to Training the Horse Does Not Transfer
EQT 103 Basic Equitation I WELL 1X3 Basic Equitation I
EQT 104 Basic Equitation II WELL 1X4 Basic Equitation II
EQT 113 Novice Equitation 1 WELL 1X3 Novice Equitation 1 WELL
EQT 114 Novice Equitation 2 WELL 1X4 Novice Equitation 2 WELL
EQT 203 Intermediate Equitation I WELL 2X3 Intermediate Equitation I
ESS 281 Health & Wellness WELL 2X1 Health & Wellness
FA 115 Art Appreciation ART 100 Art in Culture G1
FRN 101 Elementary French FREN 101 Elementary French 1 G1
FRN 102 Elementary French 2 FREN 102 Elementary French 2 G1
FYS 100 First Year Seminar UNIV 103 First Yr
FYS 2 First Year Seminar UNIV 101 Freshman Seminar
HIS 111 Medieval/Early Modern Europe HIST 101 Europe and the World 1350-1789 G3
HIS 124 American History to 1865 HIST 1X4 American History to 1865 G3
HIS 125 American History 1865-1945 HIST 1X5 American History 1865-1945 G3
HIS 270 History of the Crusades HIST 314 The Crusades D, G3
HSC 215 Human Anat & Phys I BIOL 254 Human Anat and Physiology 1
HSC 216 Human Anat & Phys II BIOL 255 Human Anat and Physiology 2
HSC 222 Narrative Medicine BIOL 2X2 Narrative Medicine
LAT 101 Elementary Latin I LATN 101 Elementary Latin 1 G1
LAT 102 Elementary Latin II LATN 102 Elementary Latin 2 G1
MAT 096 Basic Mathematics Does Not Transfer
MAT 097 Basic & Intermediate Algebra Does Not Transfer
MAT 098 Intermediate Algebra Does Not Transfer
MAT 101 Mathematics for Liberal Studie MATH 100 Survey of Mathematical Ideas G2
MAT 103 College Algebra MATH 101 College Algebra
MAT 110 Pre-Calculus Mathematics MATH 160 Precalculus G2
MAT 115 Introductory Statistics MATH 130 Elements of Statistics 1 G2
MAT 130 Calc and Analyt Geometry 1 MATH 151 Calculus for Management G2
NUR 203 Population-Focused Care Does Not Transfer
NUR 222 Intersect Healthcare & Soc Does Not Transfer
PCS 101 Introduction to Peace Studies GOVT 1X1 Introduction to Peace Studies
PE 131 Archery WELL 1X1 Archery
PE 141 Yoga WELL 1X4 Yoga
PHI 121 Ethics PHIL 120 Introduction to Ethics G1
PHI 226 Business Ethics PHIL 281 Bus. & Prof. Ethics G1
PHI 230 Health Care Ethics PHIL 2X3 Health Care Ethics G1
PS 120 American Government GOVT 111 Intro to American Government G3
PS 216 Public Policy GOVT 205 Intro to Public Policy G3
PSY 110 Intro to Psychology PSYC 100 General Psychology G3
PSY 202 Life-Span Development PSYC 228 Life Span Human Devlopment G3
PSY 367 Clinical & Counseling Psych PSYC 447 Counseling Strategies
RLS 108 Religions of the World PHIL 313 World Religions G1, W
RLS 270 Women in the Bible Does Not Transfer
SOC 120 Intro to Sociology SOCY 101 Introduction to Sociology G3
SOC 234 Conflict Resolution SOCY 2X3 Conflict Resolution G3
SPN 101 Elementary Spanish 1 SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish 1 G1
SPN 102 Elementary Spanish 2 SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish 2 G1
SPN 201 Intermediate Spanish 1 SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish 1 G1
SPN 202 Intermediate Spanish 2 SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish 2 G1
SPN 205 Intermediate Spanish SPAN 2X5 Intermediate Spanish G1
VMT 115 Intro to Animal Mgmt with Lab Does Not Transfer
VMT 209 Infectious Disease Diagnostics Does Not Transfer
VMT 210 Parasitology BIOL 2X0 Parasitology
VMT 213 Clinical Practices Does Not Transfer
VMT 216 Vet Anatomy Physiology BIOL 2X6 Vet Anatomy Physiology
VMT 312 Laboratory Techniques Does Not Transfer
WS 225 Women in Science WSTU 391 Women in Math and Science P, D

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