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Anne Arundel Community College / MU Transfer Course Equivalencies

In general, Millersville University awards transfer credit for college-level courses in fields of study offered at Millersville that were completed on the campus of a regionally accredited institution.

Note: The list below might not include all courses that would be accepted in transfer. Questions may be addressed to:

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Anne Arundel Community College Course Millersville Equivalent MU Gen ED Code (s)
ACA 100 Student Success UNIV 101 Freshman Seminar
AMS 100 Intro to American Studies SSCI 10X Intro to American Studies G3
AMS 111 Business in America BUAD 1X1 Business in America
ART 102 3-D Design:Intro to Sculpture ART 242 3D Design
ART 125 Drawing 1 ART 133 Drawing 1 G1
ART 145 Ceramics I ART 1X5 Ceramics I G1
ASL 141 Amer Sign Language 1 SPED 1XX Amer Sign Language 1
AST 112 Stars and Stellar Systems PHYS 1X2 Stars and Stellar Systems G2, L
ASTR 105 The Cosmic Frontier PHYS 1X5 The Cosmic Frontier G2
BIO 101 Fund of Biology BIOL 100 General Biology G2, L
BIO 105 General Zoology BIOL 211 Concepts of Zoology G2, L
BIO 107 Environmental Science BIOL 1X7 Environmental Science G2, L
BIO 135 Principles of Nutrition BIOL 256 Nutrition G2, W
BIO 223 General Microbiology BIOL 22X General Microbiology G2, L
BIO 231 Human Biology I BIOL 204 Human Biology G2, L, W
BIO 232 Human Biology II BIOL 2X2 Human Biology II G2, L
BIO 233 Anatomy and Physiology I BIOL 254 Human Anat and Physiology 1
BIO 234 Anatomy and Physiology II BIOL 255 Human Anat and Physiology 2
BPA 105 Exploring the Future BUAD 1X5 Exploring the Future G3
BPA 111 Intro to Business BUAD 101 Introduction to Business G3
BPA 125 Marketing Princples BUAD 231 Principles of Marketing
BPA 126 Advertising & Sales BUAD 231 Principles of Marketing
BPA 136 Keyboarding Does Not Transfer
BPA 142 Principles of Management BUAD 251 Principles of Management G3, W
BPA 180 Persnl Invest Strat BUAD 1XX Persnl Invest Strat
BPA 211 Princ of Account 1 BUAD 161 Intro to Financial Accounting
BPA 212 Prin of Account 2 BUAD 162 Intro to Managerial Accounting
BPA 250 Business Law 1 BUAD 202 Legal Environment of Business G3
BPA 253 Business Law 1 BUAD 202 Legal Environment of Business G3
CAT 114 Basic Video Production COMM 121 Intro to Audio and Video
CAT 121 Photography 1 ART 266 Fine Art Photo 1 G1
CAT 131 Communctns for Orgzt COMM 224 Organizational Communication 1
CAT 240 Digital Portfolio Development ART 493 Portfolio
CHE 011 Introduction to Chemistry Does Not Transfer
CHE 103 World Chemistry CHEM 101 Science of Chemistry 1 G2
CHE 111 General Chemistry 1 CHEM 111 Introductory Chemistry 1 G2, L
CHE 112 General Chemistry 2 CHEM 112 Introductory Chemistry 2 G2, L
CJS 111 Intro Criminal Justice SOCY 331 Intro to Criminal Justice Syst G3
CJS 112 Police Operations SOCY 1XX Police Operations
CJS 113 Penology SOCY 332 Modern Corrections G3
CJS 121 Police Administration SOCY 1XX Police Administration
CJS 135 Organized Crime SOCY 1XX Organized Crime
CJS 215 Criminal Law SOCY 2X5 Criminal Law G3
CJS 229 Women, Crime and Prison SOCY 2X9 Women, Crime and Prison
COM 111 Fund Oral Comm COMM 100 Fundamentals of Speech SPCH
CSI 112 Comptng/Info Tech CSCI 1X2 Comptng/Info Tech G2
CSI 113 Intro to Computers CSCI 101 Problem Solving with Computers G2
CSI 117 Intro Obj Orient Prog Anal/Dsg CSCI 1X7 Intro Obj Orient Prog Anal/Dsg
CSI 135 Introduction to UNIX/LINUX CSCI 1X3 Introduction to UNIX/LINUX
CSI 157 Networking 1 CSCI 17X Networking 1
CSI 158 Networking 2 CSCI 18X Networking 2
CTA 100 Computing and Information Tech CSCI 101 Problem Solving with Computers G2
CTP 115 Intro Object Oriented Program CSCI 161 Introduction to Programming 1 G2
CTP 160 Python CSCI 1X6 Python
CTP 194 Ethics & Information Age PHIL 19X Ethics & Information Age G1
CTS 107 Cyber Essentials CSCI 1X7 Cyber Essentials
CTS 110 Network Essentials CSCI 11X Network Essentials
ECO 211 Principles of Economics I ECON 101 Principles of Macroeconomics G3
EDO 222 Cobol 2 CSCI 2X2 Cobol 2
EDP 113 Data Processing CSCI 1X3 Data Processing
EDP 138 Programming in Basic CSCI 1X8 Programming in Basic
EDP 143 Rpg CSCI 1X3 Rpg
EDP 205 Operating Systems CSCI 2X5 Operating Systems
EDP 211 Systems Design CSCI 2X1 Systems Design
EDP 220 Cobol 1 CSCI 2X2 Cobol 1
EDP 222 Cobol 2 CSCI 2X2 Cobol 2
EDP 232 Edp Case Study ELEC 2X2 Edp Case Study
EDU 111 Intro to Education EDFN 1X1 Intro to Education
EDU 131 Childrens Literature EDUC 333 Lit for Childrn and Young Adol
EDU 132 Intro Early Childhood Dev ERCH 1X2 Intro Early Childhood Dev
EDU 133 Growth & Development EDUC 1X3 Growth & Development
EDU 134 Early Childhood Method/Mat ERCH 1X4 Early Childhood Method/Mat
EDU 135 Child's Health/Nutr & Safe Edu EDUC 1X5 Child's Health/Nutr & Safe Edu
EDU 211 Educational Psychology EDFN 241 Psyc Foundation of Teaching
EDU 214 Intro Spec Ed SPED 101 Orientation to Special Educ
EDU 221 Intro Special Education SPED 101 Orientation to Special Educ
EDU 231 Infant/Toddler Child Care EDUC 2X1 Infant/Toddler Child Care
EDU 242 Found Read & Lang Arts EDUC 220 Reading Foundations
EDU 247 Early Childhood: Methods & Mat EDUC 2X7 Early Childhood: Methods & Mat
ENG 002 Basic English 2 Does Not Transfer
ENG 101 Academic Writing & Research I ENGL 110 English Composition COMP
ENG 102 Academic Writing & Research 2 ENGL 1X2 Academic Writing & Research 2 G1
ENG 111 Comp & Intro Lit 1 ENGL 110 English Composition COMP
ENG 112 Comp & Intro Lit 2 ENGL 230 Introduction to Literature G1
ENG 121 Composition and Literature ENGL 1X1 Composition and Literature
ENG 200 Intro to Creative Writing ENGL 20X Intro to Creative Writing G1
ENG 225 African American Lit II ENGL 334 African American Literature 2 W, D, G1
ENG 250 Literature of Chesapeake Bay ENGL 25X Literature of Chesapeake Bay G1
FLM 120 Intro to Film ENGL 240 Introduction to Film G1, W
FLM 214 Video 1 ART 21X Video 1
FLM 225 Notable Film Directors THEA 22X Notable Film Directors
FLM 230 Independent Film ENGL 240 Introduction to Film G1
FRE 111 Elementary French 1 FREN 101 Elementary French 1 G1
FRE 112 Elementary French 2 FREN 102 Elementary French 2 G1
FRE 211 Intermed French 1 FREN 201 Intermediate French 1 G1
FRE 212 Intermed French 2 FREN 202 Intermediate French 2 G1
FTR 100 Exploring the Future HUMN 1X1 Exploring the Future G1
GEO 100 Intro to Geography GEOG 101 The Global Environment G3
GEO 101 Physical Geography GEOG 230 Physical Geography G3
GEO 102 World Regional Geog GEOG 101 The Global Environment G3
GER 111 Elementary German 1 GERM 101 Elementary German 1 G1
GER 112 Elementary German 2 GERM 102 Elementary German 2 G1
GER 211 Intermd German 1 GERM 201 Intermediate German 1 G1
GSS 101 Intro to Women's Studies WSTU 220 Introduction Women's Studies G3
HEA 100 Assess & Theory Fitness & Hlth WELL 175 Wellness WELL
HEA 111 Personal and Community Health WELL 175 Wellness WELL
HEA 113 Women' Health Issues WSSD 1XX Women' Health Issues
HEA 114 Fitness & Wellness WELL 175 Wellness WELL
HEA 115 Personal Safety Issues WSSD 1X5 Personal Safety Issues
HEA 150 First-Aid & Safety WSSD 311 First Aid and CPR
HIS 111 Hist of West Civ 1 HIST 101 Europe and the World 1500-1815 G3
HIS 112 Hist of West Civ 2 HIST 102 Europe and World since 1815 G3
HIS 211 History of U S 1 HIST 106 Contours of US History G3
HIS 212 His of U S 2 HIST 2XX Hist of U S 2 G3
HIS 218 History of Woman in America HIST 250 Women in American History W, G3
HIS 219 History of Maryland HIST 2X9 History of Maryland G3
HIS 220 The Civil War Era HIST 355 Civil War and Reconstruction G3, W
HIS 226 History of Modern Latin Americ HIST 284 Modern Latin America G3, W
HIS 227 Hist of Medieval & Renn Englan HIST 221 England to 1688 G3
HIS 228 History of Modern England HIST 222 Modern Britain G3
HIS 299 The Vietnam Era in US History HIST 470 The Vietnam War P
HRM 111 Intro to Hospitality Industry Does Not Transfer
HRM 140 Event Planning Does Not Transfer
HRM 232 World Culture and Cuisine ELEC 2X2 World Culture and Cuisine
HRM 240 Meeting & Conference Planning Does Not Transfer
HUM 101 Intro to Fine Arts HMFA 1XX Intro to Fine Arts G1
HUS 100 Intro to Human Services SOWK 1XX Intro to Human Services
HUS 101 Hum Serv & Addict Counseling SOWK 1X1 Hum Serv & Addict Counseling
HUS 112 Introduction to Human Services SOWK 102 Modern Social Welfare Dilemmas G3
HUS 114 Counsel, Assess, & Case Mgmt SOWK 1X4 Counsel, Assess, & Case Mgmt
HUS 115 Fldwrk: Counsel, Assess, Case SOWK 1X5 Fldwrk: Counsel, Assess, Case
HUS 130 Intro Family Counseling SOWK 13X Intro Family Counseling
HUS 141 Group Dynamics PSYC 234 Human Relations G3
HUS 210 Fldwrk: Crisis, Int, & Counsel SOWK 2XX Fldwrk: Crisis, Int, & Counsel
HUS 211 Crisis Intervent & Counseling SOWK 2X1 Crisis Intervent & Counseling
HUS 216 Theories of Counseling SOWK 2X6 Theories of Counseling
HUS 217 Fldwrk: Theories of Counseling SOWK 2X7 Fldwrk: Theories of Counseling
LAT 111 Elementary Latin 1 LATN 101 Elementary Latin 1 G1
LEN 216 Evidence & Procedure Does Not Transfer
MAT 010 Pre-Algebra Does Not Transfer
MAT 011 Beginning Algebra Does Not Transfer
MAT 012 Intermediate Algebra Does Not Transfer
MAT 013B Acc Intermediate Algebra Does Not Transfer
MAT 112 Business Mathematics Does Not Transfer
MAT 131 College Algebra MATH 101 College Algebra
MAT 135 Elementary Statistics MATH 130 Elements of Statistics 1 G2
MAT 137 College Algebra MATH 101 College Algebra
MAT 141 Coll Algebra & Trigonometry 1 MATH 14X Coll Algebra & Trigonometry 1
MAT 151 Intro Analysis MATH 160 Precalculus G2
MAT 191 Calc & Analytic Geom 1 MATH 161 Calculus 1 G2
MAT 192 Calc & Analytic Geom 2 MATH 211 Calculus 2 G2
MAT 201 Calc & Analytic Geom 3 MATH 311 Calculus 3 G2
MAT 212 Differential Equations MATH 365 Ordinary Differential Equation
MAT 221 Fund Concepts of Mathematics I MATH 104 Fundamentals of Math 1 G2
MAT 222 Fund Cncpts Math 2 MATH 105 Fundamentals of Math 2 G2
MAT 223 Fund Concpts Math 3 MATH 1X3 Fund Concpts Math 3 G2
MAT 230 Elem Calculus (Bus & Soc Sci) MATH 151 Calculus for Management G2
MAT 250 Intro to Discrete Structures CSCI 140 Discrete Structures
MUS 101 Music Fundamentals MUSI 1X1 Music Fundamentals
MUS 141 Class Piano 1 MUSI 1X1 Class Piano 1
MUS 142 Class Piano 2 MUSI 1X2 Class Piano 2
PHE 204 Self Defense-Women WELL 1X4 Self Defense-Women WELL
PHE 222 Cardiovasc Kickbox WELL 1XX Cardiovasc Kickbox WELL
PHE 227 Indr-Outdr Soccer WELL 1X7 Indr-Outdr Soccer WELL
PHE 228 Martial Arts WELL 2X8 Martial Arts
PHE 233 Weight Training WELL 1XX Weight Training WELL
PHE 234 Hatha Yoga WELL 1XX Hatha Yoga WELL
PHE 235 Bowling WELL 1XX Bowling WELL
PHE 245 Tennis 1 WELL 1XX Tennis 1 WELL
PHE 250 Intro Lifetime Sport WELL 1X5 Intro Lifetime Sport WELL
PHL 111 Intro to Philosophy PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy G1
PHL 142 Ethics PHIL 120 Introduction to Ethics G1
PHL 194 Ethics & the Information Age PHIL 19X Ethics & the Information Age G1
PHS 100 Gen Physical Science PHYS 1XX Gen Physical Science G2, L
PHS 109 Gen Oceanography ESCI 104 The World Ocean G2
PHS 115 Women & Minorities in Science SCMA 11X Women & Minorities in Science G2
PHS 119 Fundamentals of Weather ESCI 107 The Atmosphere G2
PHS 200 Earth and Space Science ESCI 2XX Earth and Space Science L, G2
PHY 105 How Things Work PHYS 1X5 How Things Work G2
PHY 111 Fund Physics 1 PHYS 103 Elements of Physics G2, L
PHY 120 Sound and Light PHYS 1X2 Sound and Light
PHY 211 General Physics 1 PHYS 231 General Physics 1 G2, L
PHY 212 General Physics 2 PHYS 232 General Physics 2 G2, L
PLS 111 American Government GOVT 111 Intro to American Government G3
PSY 111 Introduction Psych PSYC 100 General Psychology G3
PSY 123 Social Psychology PSYC 317 Social Psychology
PSY 124 Child Psychology PSYC 227 Devlopmnt Child and Adolescent G3, W
PSY 205 Child Psychology PSYC 227 Devlopmnt Child and Adolescent G3
PSY 211 Developmnt Psych PSYC 228 Life Span Human Devlopment G3
PSY 214 Intro Abnormal Psych PSYC 337 Abnormal Psychology G3, W
PSY 220 Human Sexuality PSYC 2XX Human Sexuality G3
PSY 222 Psychology of Women PSYC 2XX Psychology of Women G3
PSY 233 Stress & Stress Mgmt PSYC 2XX Stress & Stress Mgmt G3
PSY 286 Disorders / Infancy PSYC 2X6 Disorders / Infancy
RDG 027 Participatory College Reading Does Not Transfer
RDG 028 The Critical Reader Does Not Transfer
RDG 040 Academic Literacies Does Not Transfer
SOC 111 Intro to Sociology SOCY 101 Introduction to Sociology G3
SOC 120 Intro Physical Anthr ANTH 122 Physical Anthropology G3
SOC 121 Intro to Cultural Anrhro ANTH 121 Cultural Anthropology G3
SOC 122 Social Problems SOCY 211 Social Problems G3, W
SOC 132 Juvenile Delinquency SOCY 334 Juvenile Delinquency G3, W
SOC 211 Marriage & the Family SOCY 210 Sociology of the Family G3
SOC 224 Criminology SOCY 230 Criminology G3, W
SPA 111 Elem Spanish 1 SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish 1 G1
SPA 112 Elem Spanish 2 SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish 2 G1
SPA 211 Inter Spanish 1 SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish 1 G1
SPA 212 Inter Spanish 2 SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish 2 G1
SPC 111 Fund of Oral Comm COMM 100 Fundamentals of Speech SPCH
THA 111 Intro to Theatre THEA 217 Theatre Appreciation G1
WMS 101 Intro Womens Studies WSTU 220 Introduction Women's Studies G3
WMS 113 Women' Health Issue WSTU 1XX Women' Health Issue G3

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