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Mount St Mary's University / MU Transfer Course Equivalencies

In general, Millersville University awards transfer credit for college-level courses in fields of study offered at Millersville that were completed on the campus of a regionally accredited institution.

Note: The list below might not include all courses that would be accepted in transfer. Questions may be addressed to:

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Mount St Mary's University Course Millersville Equivalent MU Gen ED Code (s)
ACCT 101 Accounting Principles 1 BUAD 161 Intro to Financial Accounting
ACCT 102 Prin of Accounting II# BUAD 162 Intro to Managerial Accounting
AMC 201 American Experience SSCI 20X American Experience G3
AMC 202 American Experience II HIST 2X2 American Experience 2 G3
AMER 202 America In The World SOCY 2X2 America In The World G3
ASL 101 American Sign Language I FORL 1X1 American Sign Language I G1
ASL 102 American Sign Language II FORL 1X2 American Sign Language 2 G1
BIOL 110 Introduction to Biology I BIOL 101 Foundations of Biology G2, L
BIOL 111 Introduction to Biology II BIOL 1X1 Introduction to Biology II G2, L
BIOL 221 Genetics BIOL 205 Heredity and Human Affairs G2
BIOL 298 Anatomy & Physiology I BIOL 254 Human Anat and Physiology 1
BIWI 221 Genetics BIOL 364 Genetics and Molecular Biology
BUS 101 Intro to Business BUAD 101 Introduction to Business G3
BUS 127 Introduction to Sport Mgmt BUAD 1X7 Introduction to Sport Mgmt
BUS 225 Tech Skills for Business CSCI 2X5 Tech Skills for Business G2
BUS 250 Introduction to Business BUAD 101 Introduction to Business G3
BUS 301 Business Law 1 BUAD 202 Legal Environment of Business G3
BUS 307 Bus Mngmt and Org BUAD 251 Principles of Management G3, W
BUS 311 Information Systems BUAD 307 Management Information Systms
BUS 313 Prin of Marketing BUAD 231 Principles of Marketing
BUS 320 Statistics MATH 130 Elements of Statistics 1 G2
BUS 327 Intro to Sport Management BUAD 3X7 Intro to Sport Management
BUS 340 Mgmt Science BUAD 358 Management Science
BUS 344 Ops and Supply Chain Mngmt BUAD 452 Operations & Supply Chain Mgmt
BUS 360 Corporate Finance BUAD 341 Managerial Finance 1 W
BUS 395 Pub Relations & Media Comm BUAD 3X0 Pub Relations & Media Comm
BUS 400 Business & Society BUAD 355 Business and Society G3
BUS 404 Business Policy BUAD 4X0 Business Policy
BUS 412 Leadership in Organization BUAD 4X1 Leadership in Organization
BUSGE 445 Global Bus and Culture (China) BUAD 4X5 Global Bus and Culture (China)
CHEM 101 General Chemistry I & Lab CHEM 111 Introductory Chemistry 1 L, G2
CHEM 102 General Chemistry II & Lab CHEM 112 Introductory Chemistry 2 G2, L
CHEM 201 Organic Chemistry I & Lab CHEM 231 Organic Chemistry 1 G2, L
CHEM 202 Organic Chemistry II & Lab CHEM 232 Organic Chemistry 2 G2, L
CJUST 105 Law Enforcement SOCY 1X5 Law Enforcement
CJUST 110 Intro to Criminal Justice SOCY 1X1 Intro to Criminal Justice G3
CJUST 120 SP: Intro to Crim Forensics UNIV 103 First Year Inquiry Seminar
CJUST 200 Intro to Intelligence Analysis ELEC 2XX Intro to Intelligence Analysis
CMSCI 120 Intro to Computer Science CSCI 101 Problem Solving with Computers G2
CMSCI 125 Intro to Computer Science II CSCI 111 Prob Solv with Visual Basic G2
COMM 200 Foundations of Writing COMM 2XX Foundations of Writing G1
COMM 230 Public Speaking COMM 100 Fundamentals of Speech SPCH
COMM 322 Copyediting ENGL 317 Editing for Publication G1
COWI 200 Learn to Write/Write to Learn ENGL 110 English Composition COMP
CVEN 102 Lit of West: Renais/Revoltn+ ENGL 232 World Literature 2 G1
CVFA 102 Arts/West: Ren/Rev Music HMFA 1XX Arts/West: Ren/Rev Music G1
CVFL 201 Dictatorships and their Legaci HIST 2X1 Dictatorships and their Legaci G3
CVHI 102 Hist of West: Renaissnc/Revolt HIST 101 Europe and the World 1350-1789 G3
CVHI 201 West/Modern World Hist HIST 2XX West/Modern World Hist G3
CVOR 101 Origins of the West HIST 206 The World to 1500 W, G3, D
CVPH 102 Origins/Classical Philosophy PHIL 1X2 Origins/Classical Philosophy G1
CVPH 201 The Making of the Modern West HIST 2X1 The Making of the Modern West G3
ECON 101 Foundtns of Economics 1 ECON 101 Principles of Macroeconomics G3
ECON 102 Fundmntls of Economics 2 ECON 102 Principles of Microeconomics G3
ECON 360 Global Business/Economics ECON 3X1 Global Business/Economics
ECON 417 Federal Reserve Challeng ECON 4X1 Federal Reserve Challeng
EDGE 343 Globalization and Education EDUC 3X3 Globalization and Education
EDUC 100 Found of Education EDUC 1X1 Foundations of Education
EDUC 202 Materials for Teaching Reading ERCH 225 Foundations of Reading
EDUC 208 Learning Theory & Human Dev EDFN 2X8 Learning Theory & Human Dev
ENGL 100 Shakespeare for Beginners ENGL 2X1 Shakespeare for Beginners G1
ENGL 118 Introduction to Poetry ENGL 1X8 Introduction to Poetry G1
ENGL 262 Intro to Literary Study II ENGL 237 Literary Research and Analysis
ENMO 300 Modern Literature ENGL 236 Later American Literature G1
ESHIP 101 Intro to Entrepreneurship ENTR 1X1 Intro to Entrepreneurship G3
FAAR 108 Two-Dimensional Design ART 142 2D Design G1
FAMU 230 Mount St. Mary's Chorale MUSI 2X3 Mount St. Mary's Chorale
FREN 201 Intermediate French I FREN 201 Intermediate French 1 G1
FREN 202 Intermediate French FREN 202 Intermediate French 2 G1
FREN 320 Modern France: 1789-1890 FREN 3X2 Modern France: 1789-1890 G1
FRSEM 100 Freshman Seminar UNIV 101 Freshman Seminar
FRSEM 101 Freshman Seminar UNIV 103 First Yr
FRSEM 102 Freshman Seminar + UNIV 103 First Yr: Freshman Seminar +
FSYM 101 Honors First Year Symposium UNIV 103H Honors First Year Symposium
FSYM 104 Skills Academic Success III UNIV 1X1 Skills Academic Success III
GE 200 The Mount Seminar Does Not Transfer
GERMN 101 Beginning German I GERM 101 Elementary German 1 G1
GNSCI 101 Conc Sci: Physical SCI#+ PHYS 1X1 Conc Sci: Physical SCI#+ G2, L
GNSCI 120 Earth Science (ELEM ED) ESCI 1X2 Earth Science (ELEM ED) G2
GNSCI 131 Gen Sci Biol:Biol and Hlth Car BIOL 13X Gen Sci Biol:Biol and Hlth Car G2, L
GNSCI 133 Physical Science: Astronomy PHYS 117 General Astronomy G2
GNSCI 138 Biological Science: Nutr & Lfs BIOL 1X8 Biological Science: Nutr & Lfs G2, L
HIST 120 Pirates! HIST 1X2 Pirates! G3
HIST 276 US Women's History to 1877 HIST 2X6 US Women's History to 1877
JAPN 101 Beginning Japanese I JAPN 101 Elementary Japanese 1 G1
JAPN 102 Beginning Japanese II JAPN 102 Elementary Japanese 2 G1
JAPN 201 Intermediate Japanese I JAPN 201 Intermediate Japanese 1 G1
JAPN 215 Japanese Lang & Culture I JAPN 2X5 Japanese Lang & Culture I G1
JAPN 216 Japanese Lang & Culture II JAPN 2X6 Japanese Lang & Culture II G1
LATIN 201 Intermediate Latin I LATN 201 Intermediate Latin 1 G1
LATN 950 Fund Latin I LATN 101 Elementary Latin 1 G1
LATN 960 Fund Latin II LATN 102 Elementary Latin 2 G1
MAP 501 Ethics & Human Good PHIL 381 Ethical Theories G1, W
MATH 101 Elementary College Algebra MATH 101 College Algebra
MATH 105 Elementary Statistics MATH 130 Elements of Statistics 1 G2
MATH 108 Concepts Math for Teachers I MATH 104 Fundamentals of Math 1 G2
MATH 109 Concepts Math for Teachers II MATH 105 Fundamentals of Math 2 G2
MATH 114 Precalculus+ MATH 11X Precalculus+ G2
MATH 211 Mathematical Thinking MATH 100 Survey of Mathematical Ideas G2
MATH 247 Calculus I MATH 161 Calculus 1 G2
MSCI 101 Basic Military Science I MILS 101 Intro to Military Science 1
MSCI 102 Intro to Military Science MILS 102 Intro to Military Science 2
MSCI 201 Basic Military Science III MILS 210 Self and Team Development
MSCI 202 Basic Military Science IV MILS 211 Military Leadership
ORDN 002 Formation Seminar Does Not Transfer
ORDN 501 Celibate Witness/Theology Does Not Transfer
PAMU 001 Intro to Pastoral Music Does Not Transfer
PAMU 002 Intro to Pastoral Music Does Not Transfer
PAMU 003 Intro to Pastoral Music Does Not Transfer
PATH 950 First Pastoral Spanish I FORL 1X1 First Pastoral Spanish I
PHIL 103 Honors Foundations Philosophy PHIL 100H Hnrs:Introductn to Philosophy G1
PHIL 103A Found of Philosophy PHIL 1X3 Found of Philosophy G1
PHIL 202 Logic PHIL 211 Introduction to Logic G1
PHIL 203 Philosophy in the Modern Age PHIL 2X3 Philosophy in the Modern Age G1
PHIL 211 From Cosmos to Citizen PHIL 2XX From Cosmos to Citizen G1
PHIL 212 From Self to Society PHIL 21X From Self to Society G1
PHIL 311 Ancient Philosophy PHIL 321 Ancient Philosophy G1, W
PHIL 312 Medieval Philosophy PHIL 3X2 Medieval Philosophy G3
PPHL 505 Natural Theology Does Not Transfer
PSCI 100 Found of Political Science GOVT 111 Intro to American Government G3
PSCI 122 Special Topics in Pol Science GOVT 1X2 Special Topics in Pol Science
PSCI 126 Politics of Sexuality & Gender GOVT 1X6 Politics of Sexuality & Gender
PSCI 130 Leaders and Leadership GOVT 13X Leaders and Leadership G3
PSCI 201 International Relations GOVT 251 Intro to Global Politics G3
PSCI 290 Investigating Politics GOVT 2X9 Investigating Politics
PSYC 207 Adulthood and Aging PSYC 229 The Adult Years G3
PSYC 314 Industrial/Organizational Psyc PSYC 329 Industrial Psychology W, G3
PSYCH 100 Found of Psych PSYC 100 General Psychology G3
PSYCH 200 Research Methods & Statistics PSYC 211 Statistics and Exper Design 1 W
PSYCH 203 Abnormal Psychology PSYC 337 Abnormal Psychology W, G3
PSYCH 208 Social Psychology PSYC 317 Social Psychology
PSYCH 209 Biopsychology PSYC 2X9 Biopsychology
PSYCH 301 Psychotherapy PSYC 30X Psychotherapy
PTHL 001 Catechism/Catechetics I Does Not Transfer
PTHL 002 Catechism/Catechetics II Does Not Transfer
PTHL 003 Pre-Theology Does Not Transfer
SOC 100 Foundations of Sociology SOCY 101 Introduction to Sociology G3
SOC 120 Special Topics in Sociology SOCY 1X2 Special Topics in Sociology
SPAN 101 Beginning Spanish 1 SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish 1 G1
SPAN 102 Beginning Spanish 2 SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish 2 G1
SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish I SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish 1 G1
SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish II SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish 2 G1
SPED 415 Mgmt in Inclusive Settings SPED 312 Disablt in Inclusive Settings
THEOL 150 Call and Response in the Bible Does Not Transfer
THEOL 205 Sacraments Does Not Transfer
THEOL 220 Belief In Today's World Does Not Transfer
THEOL 300 Ethics and the Human Good Does Not Transfer
THEOL 320 Encountering Christ Does Not Transfer
VERIT 101 Liberal Arts Symposium Does Not Transfer
VTAGC 301 America in the Global Context HIST 3X1 America in the Global Context
VTAMC 202 American Experience HIST 2X2 American Experience G3
VTCV 102 Origins of the West HIST 1X2 Origins of the West G3
VTCV 201 Imagination & Invention HUMN 2X1 Imagination & Invention G1
VTFR 101 Beginning French I FREN 101 Elementary French 1 G1
VTFR 201 Intermediate French I FREN 201 Intermediate French 1 G1
VTMA 111 Math Thought & Problem Solving MATH 100 Survey of Mathematical Ideas G2
VTPH 103 Classical Philosophy PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy G1
VTSP 101 Beginning Spanish I SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish 1 G1
VTSP 102 Beginning Spanish II SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish 2 G1
VTSP 201 Intermediate Spanish I SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish 1 G1
VTSP 202 Intermediate Spanish II SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish 2 G1
VTTH 203 Jesus Christ & the Church Does Not Transfer
VTTH 300 Ethics & the Human Good PHIL 3X3 Ethics & the Human Good
WCIV 102 Honors Origins of the West HUMN 1X2H H: Honors Origins of West G1
WCIV 102A Origins of the West HIST 1X2 Origins of the West G3
WCIV 201 Western Imagination HIST 2X1 Western Imagination G3

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