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Virginia Tech / MU Transfer Course Equivalencies

In general, Millersville University awards transfer credit for college-level courses in fields of study offered at Millersville that were completed on the campus of a regionally accredited institution.

Note: The list below might not include all courses that would be accepted in transfer. Questions may be addressed to:

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Virginia Tech Course Millersville Equivalent MU Gen ED Code (s)
ACIS 1504 Intro Bus Info Sys BUAD 307 Management Information Systms
ACIS 2115 Principles of Accounting BUAD 161 Intro to Financial Accounting
ACIS 2116 Principles of Accounting BUAD 162 Intro to Managerial Accounting
AFST 1714 Intro African Americam Studi AFAM 201 Intro to African American Stdy G3, D
AFST 1814 Intro to African Studies AFAM 1X8 Intro to African Studies
AHRM 2304 Family Financial Management BUAD 2X4 Family Financial Management
ALS 2984 SS:CALS First Year Seminar UNIV 101 Freshman Seminar
APSC 1504 Animal & Poultry Sci FYE UNIV 101 Freshman Seminar
ARCH 1015 Foundation Design Laboratory ART 142 2D Design G1
ARCH 1016 Foundation Design Lab ITEC 243 Tech Sketching/Design/Rendrng
ARCH 2984 Qualifying Design Lab ITEC 2X4 Qualifying Design Lab
AS 1115 Introduction to the Air Force ELEC 1X5 Introduction to the Air Force
AS 1116 Introduction to the Air Force ELEC 1X6 Introduction to the Air Force
AS 2934 Air Force Fitness WELL 1X1 Air Force Fitness
AS 2944 AF ROTC Leadership Lab ELEC 2X9 AF ROTC Leadership Lab
BIO 1006 General Biology BIOL 100 General Biology G2, L
BIOL 1105 Principles of Biology BIOL 100 General Biology G2, L
BIOL 2004 Genetics BIOL 365 Genetics
BIOL 2504 General Zoology BIOL 21X General Zoology G2
BIOL 2804 Ecology BIOL 241 Principles of Ecology
BIT 2405 Quantitative Methods BUAD 2X5 Quantitative Methods
BIT 2406 Quantitative Methods BUAD 2X7 Quantitative Methods
CHEM 1015 Introduction to Chemistry CHEM 101 Chem!Better Things/Better Lvng G2
CHEM 1035 General Chemistry CHEM 111 Introductory Chemistry 1 G2, L
CHEM 1036 General Chemistry CHEM 1X6 General Chemistry G2
CHEM 1045 General Chemistry Lab Does Not Transfer
CHEM 2514 Survey of Organic Chemistry CHEM 235 Organic Chemistry
CHEM 2536 Organic Chemistry CHEM 232 Organic Chemistry 2 G2
CINE 2054 Introduction to Cinema ENGL 240 Introduction to Film G1
COMM 1014 Intro to Comm Studies COMM 101 Introduction to Communication G1
COMM 1015 Communication Skills ENGL 110 English Composition COMP
COMM 1016 Communication Skills COMM 100 Fundamentals of Speech SPCH
COMM 2004 Public Speaking COMM 100 Fundamentals of Speech SPCH
COMM 2064 The Rhetorical Tradition COMM 20X The Rhetorical Tradition G1
CS 1044 Intro Prog in C CSCI 161 Introduction to Programming 1 G2
CS 1114 Intro to Software Design CSCI 11X Intro to Software Design
CS 2104 Intro to Problem Solving CSCI 21X Intro to Problem Solving
CS 2114 Softw Des & Data Structures CSCI 362 Data Structures
CS 2304 Self Study Prog Sys Does Not Transfer
CS 2505 Intro Computer Organization CSCI 25X Intro Computer Organization
ECE 3054 Electrical Theory PHYS 266 Electronics
ECON 2005 Principles of Economics ECON 102 Principles of Microeconomics G3
ECON 2006 Principles of Economics ECON 101 Principles of Macroeconomics G3
ECON 3214 Money and Banking ECON 215 Money, Credit, and Banking G3
ECON 4024 History of Economic Thought ECON 365 History of Economic Thought G3
ECON 4074 Labor Economics ECON 345 Labor Economics G3
EDCI 3004 Pre-Education Seminar Does Not Transfer
EDHL 1514 Personal Health WELL 175 Wellness WELL
EDHL 4964 Field Study Does Not Transfer
EF 1015 Introduction to Engineering ITEC 1X5 Introduction to Engineering
EF 1016 Introduction to Engineering ITEC 1X1 Introduction to Engineering
EF 1234 Engineering Hands-On Lab ITEC 1X4 Engineering Hands-On Lab
ENGE 1024 Engineering Exploration ELEC 1X2 Engineering Exploration
ENGE 1104 Exploration of Digital Future ITEC 1X4 Exploration of Digital Future
ENGE 1215 Foundations of Engineering ITEC 1X5 Foundations of Engineering
ENGE 1216 Foundations of Engineering ITEC 1X6 Foundations of Engineering
ENGL 1105 Freshman English ENGL 110 English Composition COMP
ENGL 1106 Freshman English ENGL 1XX Freshman English G1
ENGL 1204H Honors Freshman English ENGL 110H Hnrs:English Composition COMP
ENGL 1634 Intro to Shakespeare ENGL 26X Intro to Shakespeare G1
ENGR 1014 Engineering Research Seminar Does Not Transfer
ENGR 1034 First Year Hypatia Seminar UNIV 101 Freshman Seminar
ENGR 1054 First Year Galileo Seminar UNIV 1X4 First Year Galileo Seminar
ENT 2004 Insects and Human Society BIOL 2X4 Insects and Human Society G2
ESM 2104 Statics ITEC 345 Statics/Strength of Materials
ESM 2204 Mechanics of Deformable Bodi ITEC 2X4 Mechanics of Deformable Bodi
FA 2004 Creativity & Aesth Exper Does Not Transfer
FIN 3055 Legal Environment of Business BUAD 202 Legal Environment of Business G3
FOR 2124 Forest, Society & Climate GEOG 2X2 Forest, Society & Climate
FR 1105 Elementary French FREN 101 Elementary French 1 G1
FR 1106 Elementary French FREN 102 Elementary French 2 G1
FR 2105 Intermediate French FREN 201 Intermediate French 1 G1
FR 2106 Intermediate French FREN 202 Intermediate French 2 G1
FREC 2514 Wildland Fire: Eco & Mgmt Does Not Transfer
FST 2014 Introduction to Food Science BIOL 2X4 Introduction to Food Science
GEOG 1004 Intro Human Geography GEOG 120 Human Geography G3, D
GEOG 1014 World Regions GEOG 141 World Regional Geography G3
GEOG 1084 Digital Planet GEOG 1X8 Digital Planet G3
GEOG 1104 Intro Physical Geog GEOG 230 Physical Geography G3
GEOG 2064 Global Econ and World Politi GEOG 2X4 Global Econ and World Politi
GEOG 2314 Maps and Mapping GEOG 281 Map Interpretation and Analys G3
GEOG 2505 Weather Analysis I ESCI 2X5 Weather Analysis I
GEOG 3114 Introduction to Meteorology ESCI 241 Meteorology G2, L
GEOG 3244 The U. S. City GEOG 3X4 The U.S. City G3
GEOG 3304 Geomorphology ESCI 225 Geomorphology
GEOG 4084 Introduction to GIS GEOG 295 Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 4354 Introduction to Remote Sensing GEOG 4X5 Introduction to Remote Sensing
GEOG 4374 Remote Sensing and Phenology GEOG 4X4 Remote Sensing and Phenology
GEOS 1004 Physical Geology ESCI 102 Origin and Evoltn of the Earth G2
GEOS 1024 Resources Geology ESCI 1X4 Resources Geology
GER 1105 Elementary German GERM 101 Elementary German 1 G1
GER 1106 Elementary German GERM 102 Elementary German 2 G1
GER 2105 Intermediate German GERM 201 Intermediate German 1 G1
GER 2106 Intermediate German GERM 202 Intermediate German 2 G1
HD 1004 Human Development I PSYC 227 Devlopmnt Child and Adolescent G3
HD 2004 Human Development II PSYC 2X4 Human Development II G3
HD 2304 Family Relationships PSYC 2X3 Family Relationships G3
HD 2314 Human Sexuality BIOL 207 Human Sexuality D, G2, W
HD 2335 Human Services I SOWK 2X5 Human Services I G3
HD 2336 Human Services II SOWK 2X6 Human Services II G3
HD 4324 Advanced Family Relationships SOWK 4X4 Advanced Family Relationships
HIST 1014 Survey of American Economic Hi HIST 254 American Economic History
HIST 1024 Ancient History HIST 213 Greeks and Romans G3
HIST 1115 History of the United States HIST 106 Contours of US History G3
HIST 1116 History of the United States HIST 106 Contours of US History G3
HIST 1214 History of the Modern World HIST 1X2 History of the Modern World
HIST 2604 Intro Data in Social Context HIST 2X6 Intro Data in Social Context
HIST 3004 Colonial America HIST 351 17th Century British America G3, W
HIST 3014 American Revolution HIST 352 Provincl and Revolutry America G3, W
HIST 3024 The Early United States HIST 354 The New Nation W, G3
HIST 3104 United States Social History HIST 458 U.S. Social History W, G3
HIST 3114 United States Business History HIST 253 American Business History
HIST 3254 The Vietnam War HIST 470 The Vietnam War P
HIST 3324 The Medieval World HIST 313 History of Middle Ages G3, W
HIST 3534 Modern Military History HIST 1X4 Modern Military History
HIST 3584 Colonial Latin America HIST 283 Colonial Latin America W, G3
HIST 3594 The Rise of Modern Latin Ameri HIST 284 Modern Latin America G3, W
HNFE 1004 Foods and Nutrition BIOL 256 Nutrition W, G2
HNFE 2264 Exer Ldrship - Personal Train WELL 2X2 Exer Ldrship - Personal Train
HTM 1414 Intro to HTM Management Does Not Transfer
HTM 2454 Travel & Tourism Mgt ELEC 2XX Travel & Tourism Mgt
HTM 2464 Intro to Service BUAD 2X4 Intro to Service
HTM 2514 Catering Management Does Not Transfer
HUM 2204 The Creative Process HMFA 2XX The Creative Process G1
IDS 3234 TS: History of Clocks ITEC 3X4 TS: History of Clocks
IS 2504 Intro to World Politics GOVT 251 Intro to Global Politics G3
ISE 2014 Engineering Economy BUAD 2X1 Engineering Economy
ISE 2214 Mfg Processes Lab ITEC 2X1 Mfg Processes Lab
MATH 1015 Elem Calc w/ Trig 1 MATH 160 Precalculus G2
MATH 1016 Elem Calc w/ Trig 1 MATH 161 Calculus 1 G2
MATH 1114 Elementary Linear Algebra MATH 322 Linear Algebra 1 G2
MATH 1205 Calculus MATH 161 Calculus 1 G2
MATH 1206 Calculus MATH 211 Calculus 2 G2
MATH 1224 Vector Geometry MATH 353 Survey of Geometry
MATH 1225 Calculus of a Single Variable MATH 1X5 Calculus of a Single Variable G2
MATH 1226 Calculus of a Single Variable MATH 1X6 Calculus of a Single Variable` G2
MATH 1525 Calculus with Matrices MATH 161 Calculus 1 G2
MATH 1526 Elem Calc w/Matrices MATH 1X6 Elem Calc w/Matrices
MATH 1535 Geom & Math of Design MATH 1X1 Geom & Math of Design
MATH 1536 Geom & Math of Design MATH 353 Survey of Geometry
MATH 2024 Intermediate Calculus MATH 151 Calculus for Management G2
MATH 2214 Intro Diff Equations MATH 365 Ordinary Differential Equation
MATH 2224 Multivariable Calculus MATH 312 Sftware for Multivariable Calc
MATH 2534 Intro Discrete Math MATH 25X Intro Discrete Math
ME 2024 Engr Design & Econ ITEC 2X2 Engr Design & Econ
MGT 1004 Introduction to Business BUAD 101 Introduction to Business G3
MGT 1935 Fund of Cadet Prof Leadership MILS 101 Intro to Military Science 1
MGT 1945 Fund of Cadet Leadership MILS 1X2 Fund of Cadet Leadership
MGT 1946 Fund of Cadet Leadership ELEC 1X9 Fund of Cadet Leadership
MGT 334 Intro to Human Resources Manag BUAD 352 Human Resource Management
MKTG 3104 Marketing Management BUAD 231 Principles of Marketing
MKTG 3504 Advertising BUAD 335 Advertising
MKTG 4204 Consumer Behavior BUAD 332 Consumer Behavior
MSE 1004 Materials In Todays World ITEC 1X4 Materials In Todays World
MSE 2034 Elem of Materials Eng ITEC 2X3 Elem of Materials Eng
MUS 1005 Theory/Fundamentals MUSI 1X5 Theory/Fundamentals G1
MUS 1104 Music Appreciation MUSI 100 Music and Culture G1
PHIL 1204 Knowledge and Reality PHIL 2X4 Knowledge and Reality G1
PHIL 1304 Morality and Justice PHIL 381 Ethical Theories G1, W
PHYS 1055 Intro to Astronomy PHYS 117 General Astronomy G2, L
PHYS 1155 Astronomy Lab Does Not Transfer
PHYS 2205 General Physics PHYS 2X5 General Physics G2
PHYS 2305 Foundations of Physics I PHYS 131 Physics 1 G2, L
PHYS 2306 Foundations of Physics I PHYS 132 Physics 2 with Algebra G2, L
PHYS 2325 Seminar for Physics Majors PHYS 2X5 Seminar for Physics Majors
PHYS 2326 Seminar for Physics Majors PHYS 2X6 Seminar for Physics Majors
PSCI 1014 Introduction to United States GOVT 111 Intro to American Government G3
PSCI 1024 Intro to Comparative Govt GOVT 221 Intro to Cmprtv Politcl Systms G3
PSCI 3424 State and Local Government GOVT 112 Intro to State and Local Govt G3
PSYC 1004 Introductory Psychology PSYC 100 General Psychology G3
PSYC 2004 Introductory Psychology PSYC 100 General Psychology G3
PSYC 2044 Psychology of Learning PSYC 2XX Pscyhology of Learning G3
PSYC 2054 Psychology of Personality PSYC 335 Personality Theory G3
PSYC 3014 Abnormal Psychology PSYC 337 Abnormal Psychology G3, W
REL 2424 New Testament HUMN 2X4 New Testament G1
SOC 1004 Introduction to Sociology SOCY 101 Introduction to Sociology G3
SOC 3104 Sociological Theory SOCY 303 Sociological Theory
SOC 3414 Criminology SOCY 230 Criminology G3, W
SOC 3424 Juvenile Deliquency SOCY 334 Juvenile Delinquency G3, W
SOC 4014 Sociology of the Family SOCY 210 Sociology of the Family G3
SOC 4024 Sociology of Religion SOCY 310 Sociology of Religion P
SPAN 1105 Elementary Spanish SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish 1 G1
SPAN 1106 Elementary Spanish SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish 2 G1
SPAN 2105 Intermediate Spanish SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish 1 G1
SPAN 2106 Intermediate Spanish SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish 2 G1
SPAN 3105 Gram/Composition/Conv SPAN 351 Composition and Oral Express 1 W, G1
SPAN 3106 Gram/Composition/Conv SPAN 352 Composition and Oral Express 2 G1, W
STAT 2004 Introductory Statistics MATH 130 Elements of Statistics 1 G2
STAT 3604 Stats for the Social Sciences MATH 3X6 Stats for the Social Sciences
STAT 3615 Biological Statistics MATH 235 Survey of Statistics G2
STAT 3704 Stat for Eng Apps MATH 235 Survey of Statistics G2
STS 2054 Engineering Cultures ITEC 3X4 Engineering Cultures P
TA 2014 Introduction to Theatre THEA 217 Theatre Appreciation G1
UAP 1024 Urban Public Issues GOVT 205 Intro to Public Policy G3
UH 2984H SS: Freshman Honors Sem UNIV 2X9 Freshman Honors Sem
UH 4984H TS: HRC Colloquium Magnum ELEC 3X9 TS: HRC Colloquium Magnum
WOOD 2784 World Forests and Forest Pro GEOG 2X4 World Forests and Forest Pro
WS 1824 Intro Women's Studies WSTU 220 Introduction Women's Studies G3

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