Criminology, Sociology and Anthropology

Degree Offerings


The department offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in Sociology and Anthropology. Majors who wish to concentrate in a sub-specialty can earn an option in either Archaeology for Anthropology majors or Criminology for Sociology majors. We also offer minors in Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology. Many of the faculty members teach for the Women and Gender Studies, African American Studies, and Latino/a Studies programs.

Dr. Glazier On Air

Dr. Glazier

Smart Talk: Help for Children with a Parents in Prison

Smart Talk is a daily, live, interactive program featuring conversations with newsmakers and experts in a variety of fields and exploring a wide range of issues and ideas, including the economy, politics, health care, education, culture, and the environment.

Listen to the program here.

  • Archaeology

    The Archaeology program at Millersville University is dedicated to learning and understanding the role that Lancaster County and Colonial Pennsylvania played in the context of the larger colonial Atlantic World by way of ethical archaeological excavation, historical analysis and documentary research.

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    Terri Hollister

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