Business Degrees

The Lombardo College of Business offers the following in person and online Bachelor of Science degrees


In Person Programs:


Accounting is your path to challenging and rewarding careers in industry, public accounting, or not-for-profit and public sector organizations.



In finance you learn about corporate and international finance, financial markets, spreadsheet modeling, and investments. We offer concentrations in General Finance and Wealth Management.

Finance & Wealth Mgmt

Business Administration

Business Administration is a great fit for students who want a broad mix of courses or who wish to complete their degree in the most flexible manner. We offer concentrations in General Business and International Business.

Gen Business & International

Information Technology

IT majors gain comprehensive knowledge along with hands-on skills crucial to support organizational IT in structure and users. Choose from concentrations in General IT and Cybersecurity.

Info Tech & Cybersecurity


Management affects virtually every discipline through its coverage of leadership and decision-making. We offer concentrations in General Management and Human Resource Management.

Mgmt & Human Resource Mgmt


The goal of the Marketing degree is to develop students who understand the different functional areas of business with a particular focus on Marketing.


Business Analytics

Business Analytics is an area that is interdisciplinary in nature, bringing together competencies across the social sciences and natural sciences.

Business Analytics

Online Programs

We offer the following online business programs:

Online B.S. General Business Administration

We now offer a fully online degree! We also have a degree completion program, so you can take the Associate’s degree or college credits you’ve already earned and add our online business courses to them.

Online Business

Online B.S. in Marketing

This program is designed for students who want to receive a bachelor’s degree in marketing and have the flexibility to pursue a fully online or online degree completion program.

Online B.S. in Marketing

Online B.S. in Management

A degree in management at Millersville equips students for a variety of roles and allows them to enter the business field at a high-level position upon graduation. Our management program exposes students to all major functional areas of a business...

Online B.S. in Management

Online Business Certificate in Marketing

The undergraduate Certificate in Marketing is also for non-business majors who want marketing skills, but want to focus on the non-quantitative areas of marketing such as advertising, consumer behavior, retail marketing, and sales or for those who...

Marketing Certificate