Occupational Safety Technology

Occupational Safety Technology

Associate of Technology, AET: Occupational Safety Technology

*Note: If you are looking for information on the Occupation Safety & Environmental Health bachelor's degree (4-year) program, it is considered a major separate from the associate's degree. Please select the program from the navigation on the left of click here.

The Occupational Safety option is designed to provide students with both basic theoretical knowledge and practical skills in occupational safety. The courses in this option allow students to have a broad experience in key issues. These courses provide an overview of legal aspects of safety; industrial fire prevention, protection and control; safety engineering; environmental and industrial hygiene; ergonomics; and general, organic and biochemistry. Courses in this option feature a variety of lecture and integrated laboratory-type activities. Graduates are typically employed as technicians who work under the direction of safety professionals on industry-based projects involving safety, environmental health, inspection of safety systems, technical sales, industrial training, technical support, and operations.

Upon completion of the Occupational Safety Hygiene option, the student will be able to:

  • Identify major legal issues and developments regarding occupational safety and environmental health.
  • Identify systems, procedures and practices involved with industrial fire prevention, protection and control.
  • Demonstrate the ability to understand safety engineering principles.
  • Apply knowledge related to general, organic and biochemistry in relation to health issues in an industrial situation.
  • Describe procedures, practices and systems used in relationship to environmental and industrial hygiene.
  • Identify human factors and ergonomic design principles.