Volunteer Ambassador Toolkit

(Faculty, Staff, Alumni and Friends)

What is One Day Give?

One Day Give is a one-day online giving campaign designed to inspire support from every member of the Millersville community. The theme for this year’s campaign is “Give To What You Love.” The 2020 One Day Give will be held on Thursday, February 27, and the event will last for 18 hours – from 6:00 a.m. until midnight (11:59 p.m.).

We will also leverage a sense of urgency through “giving challenges” as donors follow the progress of the campaign throughout the day. The goal is to demonstrate that philanthropy – at any level – has an impact!

Facebook frame for One Day GiveThis year we are introducing an exciting new feature – the Athletics Giving Leaderboard. Marauder Athletics teams will be ranked according to fundraising progress throughout the day, with an emphasis on the $6 million goal for Marauder Athletics in the “Imagine the Possible” campaign. In honor of the $6 million goal for Marauder Athletics, One Day Give will begin at 6:00 a.m. on Thursday, February 27.

Thank you for your willingness to support this year’s effort. As a volunteer ambassador for #VilleOneDayGive, you can inspire others to give back and support today’s students.

Please use the sample posts, templates, and logos as a guide to spread the word. Feel free to edit and customize posts as appropriate.

Share Your 'Ville Story on Social Media

Create a video to share what you love about Millersville - #VilleOneDayGive

Event Information

Goal: Give To What You Love – support the area or areas of Millersville you love best!

When: Thursday, February 27, 2020 – 6:00 a.m. to 11.59 p.m. ET

Audience: Alumni, students, faculty, staff, parents, friends – the entire Millersville Community

Website: millersville.edu/onedaygive

Hashtag: #VilleOneDayGive

Help Spread the Word:

  1. Make a gift! | The best way to support Millersville on #VilleOneDayGive is by making a gift yourself. This is a great opportunity to Give To What You Love! Any amount, to any area of the University, will add up and make an impact. If you made a gift yourself, it is easier to encourage others to join the cause!
  2. Share a post on social media | Use the social media templates and images to spread the word about #VilleOneDayGive. When you make a gift, tell your fellow Marauders and encourage them to join you in supporting Millersville. Share why you give to what you love at Millersville, and where you are directing your gift to support what you love best.
  3. Create a video post for your social media networks | Share your ‘Ville story about why you “give to what you love” with your gift for One Day Give. Encourage others to give to a favorite program, team or fund that is meaningful to you. Be creative. Include the One Day Give hashtag in your post – #VilleOneDayGive – and tag Millersville University social media channels @millersvilleu on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  4. Tell your friends directly | If you are with fellow Millersville alumni/students, personally ask them to get involved and spread the word. Use the provided email template to reach out and encourage your friends to join #VilleOneDayGive. Imagine the impact you can make if everyone asks just three other friends to make a donation this year!

Hashtag: #VilleOneDayGive
Make sure to use #VilleOneDayGive in any of your One Day Give social media posts – it helps spread the message of the day.

  • Facebook Frame & Logos for Social Media

    2020 One Day Give LogoShare the Logo and Change Your Profile Picture
    On Thursday, February 27, let’s take over social media! Spread our message by sharing the One Day Give logo below on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media. Make it your profile photo to show the world your love for Millersville!

    Social Media Sharing Images and Posts
    Share these images to encourage others to get involved!

    Download Social Logos:

    Download Full Logo:


    Facebook Frame for One Day Give
    New this year, the One Day Give Facebook Frame can update your profile picture and show your support for One Day Give!

    How to Apply the One Day Give Facebook Frame:

    1. Log into your Facebook account
    2. Visit facebook.com/profilepicframes
    3. Search for “Millersville University”
    4. Apply the One Day Give frame
  • Sample Posts for Social Media

    Not sure what to post for One Day Give? Here are some samples to get you started – or even copy and paste! If you are short on time, you can share or retweet posts from the Millersville University or Alumni Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.


    - Prior to February 27

    Sample Post for anyone
    Save the date for the seventh annual One Day Give – Thursday, February 27. Celebrate this special day of giving – Give To What You Love during this 18-hour one-day online giving event, in support of funds and scholarships at Millersville University. 

    - On February 27:

    Sample Post specific for Alumni

    • Today is #VilleOneDayGive! I’m supporting my alma mater this year and giving to what I love with a gift to Millersville’s ______ (area of support). Join me and make an impact! Imagine the difference we can make if we all come together on this single day. millersville.edu/onedaygive

    Sample Posts for anyone

    • Today is #VilleOneDayGive! Give To What You Love! Make a gift and spread the word that every dollar makes a difference. millersville.edu/onedaygive
    • It’s #VilleOneDayGive. I gave to what I love and made my gift. Now it’s your turn! Join me and make your gift today at millersville.edu/give2mu
    • Millersville gave me the skills and confidence I needed to succeed in the real world. In honor of One Day Give, I am giving back to provide incredible opportunities for current Millersville students. Join me and make your gift today at millersville.edu/give2mu  #VilleOneDayGive
    • Want to learn how to make a difference at Millersville? Check out One Day Give at millersville.edu/onedaygive and make an impact! #VilleOneDayGive

    For those who are more social media savvy, tag your Millersville friends in a post encouraging/asking them to donate. Remember how well this worked for the Ice Bucket Challenge? For example:

    • It’s Millersville’s One Day Give. I made my gift. Now it’s your turn Jane Smith, John Smith, and Patty Smith. Join me and give at millersville.edu/give2mu  #VilleOneDayGive


    - Prior to February 27

    Sample Post for anyone
    I’m planning to support Millersville for #VilleOneDayGive. Join me! millersville.edu/onedaygive

    - On February 27

    Sample Post specific for Alumni

    Sample Posts for anyone

    • Today is #VilleOneDayGive! One day for all Millersville Marauders to come together and give to what they love. millersville.edu/onedaygive
    • It’s Millersville’s One Day Give. I made my gift and gave to what I love. Did you? Be counted and show your support for #VilleOneDayGive at millersville.edu/give2mu.
    • Learn how to make a difference at Millersville. Check out One Day Give at millersville.edu/onedaygive and make an impact! #VilleOneDayGive


     Post one of your favorite photos from your time at Millersville, and be sure to use #VilleOneDayGive.

  • Email Template

    Hi _____,

    I’m writing to my Millersville friends to spread the word about #VilleOneDayGive. I just made a gift to the _________ (area of support). I want to invite you to join me today and give to what you love with a gift to the area or areas of the University you love best! millersville.edu/onedaygive Regardless of the size of your gift, together, our support on this single day can add up to make a huge difference. This February 27, give to what you love and support Millersville!

    For more information about Millersville’s One Day Give, please visit millersville.edu/onedaygive. You can follow our social media throughout the day and share your Millersville pride! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Corinna Linn, Director of Development Communications, at 717-871-7520 or Corinna.Linn@millersville.edu.

    Go Marauders!
    (Your Name)