Millersville University Scholarship Fund

The Millersville University Scholarship Fund is the heartbeat of campus generosity, sending out ripples of support that touch every corner of university life. Through this flexible resource, the university prioritizes scholarships, ensuring that no student's potential goes untapped due to financial barriers. Additionally, the Millersville University Scholarship Fund empowers the university's athletic programs, providing essential resources for training and competition, and fostering a culture of excellence among student-athletes.

Beyond scholarships and athletics, the Scholarship Fund fuels innovation and growth campus-wide. It supports transformative learning and enables the university to adapt swiftly to emerging opportunities and challenges.

The Millersville University Scholarship Fund embodies the collective spirit of generosity and support within our EPPIIC community, shaping futures and leaving a lasting legacy of excellence and impact.

Meet Julia Fallows

Julia is an English Secondary Education major in the Class of 2025. The Millersville University Scholarship Fund supports students like Julia and her classmates to ensure their experience as Marauders is a meaningful foundation for future success.

Hear from Julia

"Scholarships are a necessity to reach my potential in higher education."

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juliafallows-xc.jpg"Scholarships are a necessity to reach my potential in higher education. Due to my involvement in co-curricular activities and priority on my coursework, I rely on scholarships to relieve financial pressure and maintain a strong presence on campus. Through scholarship, I have been able to strive for academic achievement by making the Dean’s List each semester, being a 2022 PSAC outdoor track and field team champion, and being involved in the campus and Lancaster community by volunteering at the Bench Mark Program. College education is a tool I plan to use every day, whether on track, in the community, or in my future classroom. After losing my father in 2015, my mother has worked tirelessly to ensure all four of her children graduate college. I would not be able to attend a four-year school without her or the scholarships bestowed by generous individuals. Scholarships have allowed me to give back to my community, and family, and help ensure my future at Millersville University."

Julia is a member of the Women's Track and Field team, the ’24-25 Cygnus Society, the President of the Color of Teaching Mentoring Program, President of the Sigma Tau Delta National English Honor Society, Vice President of the American Association of University Women, and a member of Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor Fraternity.