African-American And Latino Scholarships Application

Undergraduate Student Application for 2018-2019

Step 2 of 4: Please read the following before continuing with your application.

Application deadline is Friday, February 2, 2018


Five to seven scholarships will be awarded for Fall 2018. Award(s) will be distributed equally for the fall (2018) and spring (2019) semesters. If a recipient is a December 2018 graduation candidate, the entire award will be given in the fall 2018 semester. A student can receive these scholarships only once. The financial aid office determines the actual award amounts as part of a student's total financial aid package.


African-American and Latino undergraduate upperclass students at Millersville University are eligible to apply, and must anticipate being enrolled full-time for the fall 2018 semester (when the award will be given). Applicants must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 with 36 or more credits passed. Financial need, while not a requirement to receive this scholarship, will be considered minimally in the evaluation process. [Note: 36 credits must be passed by December 31, 2017.]

At the opening of the scholarship cycle, an applicant must be self-identified as black or Hispanic, a citizen of the United States or its territories, and be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate when applying for the scholarship. [If any of the information pertaining to an applicant’s qualifications has been falsified, this Scholarship Committee reserves the right to reject an applicant.]

  • One recommendation (step 3): Must be obtained from a non-student community-based or campus-based activity mentor (i.e., a non-student advisor, staff/representative/director or supervisor) with a service orientation (e.g., Gospel Choir, Habitat for Humanity, Greek organizations, etc.) to which you belong. Note: Members of the African-American and Latino Alumni Scholarship Committee and the Thrillersville Leadership Group, including the assigned University staff, may not submit letters of recommendation for applicants for these scholarships. The recommendation form is available in the next step of this application.
  • Students must complete a detailed application and write an essay (step 4): The purpose of the essay is to assess one's ability to communicate effectively on a theme. This essay asks you to provide your viewpoint on the topic: Who am I as a potential leader in relation to a larger community? Essays must be a minimum of 500 words and will be rated by the committee for grammar, spelling, content and originality. You will be asked to submit your essay as part of the application form in step 4, so please have it prepared prior to continuing with this application.
  • Interview - Selected candidates will interview on a date yet to be determined with a minimum panel of three members of the African-American and Latino Alumni Scholarship Committee and the Thrillersville Leadership Group. Candidates will be evaluated on verbal communication skills. Please hold 9:30 a.m.-noon on your calendar that day in the event you are selected for an interview.


For any additional questions, please email Heather Morris at or call the Development Office at 717-871-7520.