African-American And Latino Scholarships Application

Undergraduate Student Application for 2018-2019

Step 3 of 4: Recommendation

You will be asked to submit your essay as part of the application form in step 4, so please have it prepared prior to continuing with this application

One recommendation must be obtained from a non-student community or campus activity mentor (i.e., a non-student advisor, staff/representative/director or supervisor) with a service orientation (e.g., Gospel Choir, Habitat for Humanity, Greek organizations, etc.) to which you belong. Note: Members of the AA/LAS Committee and the Thrillersville Leadership Group, including the assigned University staff, may not submit letters of recommendation for applicants for these scholarships.

Using the form below, you can send your reference a link to the online form.

OR download and hand-deliver the PDF recommendation form.

Recommendations must be received electronically or hand-delivered by
Friday, February 2, 2018

Development Office (Rm. 108.4)
Duncan Alumni House
205 North George Street

An incomplete application, including the recommendation form, will not be accepted.

* In the event the University is closed, recommendations will be accepted the next business day.


For any additional questions, please email or call the Development Office at 717-871-7520.